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A long wallet made of domestic leather with a smart design in both appearance and function.

Master-piece, which started in 1994, offers made-in-Japan bags that combine utilitarian design and functionality at a high level. Using functional materials and original parts selected from Japan and abroad with a focus on strength, water repellency, and lightness, the product is characterized by its coloring, which is a combination of different materials. The more you use it, the more you will feel the attention to detail. A long wallet from the luster series, made of embossed domestic leather. It has a smart design that goes well with business settings and formal styles. Despite its slim appearance, it has plenty of storage capacity.

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Body: H9 x W19 x D1.5cm


約Approximately 121gg


Embossed cow leather Oil matte cow leather


Made in Japan.


Storage bag Storage box Attention card


The main body material is finished with only dye to take advantage of the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided. Getting wet with rain or water may cause stains or discoloration. If it gets wet, remove the moisture immediately. The attached material is a material that easily becomes glossy even when rubbed.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

An impressive long wallet for adults

An impressive long wallet for adults

This is a long wallet from the "luster" series, which uses embossed domestic leather. It features a slim width and thin gusset that makes it easy to hold with one hand, making it easy to put in a bag or even in a clothing pocket. The texture of the leather and the design match, creating an elegant atmosphere. Recommended not only for business occasions but also for formal occasions.

A smart-looking, large-capacity storage room

A smart-looking, large-capacity storage room

The storage room has a design that allows for plenty of storage, contrary to its sleek appearance. The card tiers can hold 6 cards on each side, 12 cards in total. The good news is that the pockets are wide enough to fit paper business cards and slightly larger cards without difficulty. There are two spaces for storing bills, receipts, etc., and you can also sort and store them. The coin compartment is a safe zipper type. Uses YKK's Excela zipper with a beautiful silver luster.

Beautiful domestic leather that is scratch resistant

Beautiful domestic leather that is scratch resistant

We use genuine leather that takes time and effort to create by tanning domestically produced hide twice. The leather is first tanned in chrome, and the second time it is tanned with a higher amount of vegetable tannins, giving it elasticity and firmness, allowing the embossment to be carved clearly and deeply. Furthermore, by applying multiple layers of glossy material, an elegant luster and depth of color are expressed. The material is scratch resistant and maintains its beauty even after long use.

Comes with brand original box

Comes with brand original box

All wallet accessories are in original boxes. It has a minimalist design with a casually sized brand logo centered on the simple and stylish black body. It can be given as a gift as is, and is convenient to store at home. We will deliver the product in a size that matches the product itself.


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