Slow shoulder bag rubono flap shoulder bag Ssize SLOW 300S15BG

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A bag where you can feel the craftsman's commitment and pride in each piece.

A new line is born from the classic bono - Bono series. Its name is "rubono". This series has thinner leather than the previous bono series, and is characterized by its soft feel and lightness. It has a flap and zip design, and the interior is equipped with enough pockets, and although the bag itself has a small design, each piece is made to a level of perfection that cannot be overlooked. The product is made to be thinner than bono leather to make it lighter, and by applying oil by hand after the product is finished, it has a unique look, making the most of the charm of Tochigi leather. Along with the materials, the craftsmen's high level of skill, and although they cannot be mass-produced, they want you to enjoy the food slowly while maintaining its quality...this is the expression of the Japanese craftsman's desire.

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Body: H20 x W32 x D10.5cm


Approximately 685g


Cowhide (full vegetable tanned leather made by Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd.) Lining: 100% cotton


Made in Japan.


storage bag



In some cases, the color may fade. (Please be especially careful about sweat and rain) Raindrops and water droplets may cause swelling and stains on the leather surface. If left in a place exposed to direct sunlight or light such as an electric light for a long period of time, the color will fade. Leaving or storing it in a high temperature place will cause the leather to harden, deform, or otherwise deteriorate. Since leather breathes, we recommend storing it in an unsealed condition as much as possible, or periodically drying it in a well-ventilated place in the shade. To maintain its texture, we recommend using a cream specifically designed for natural leather.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Comes with a zipper that can be worn cross-body with confidence, not only for everyday use, but also when traveling.

Comes with a zipper that can be worn cross-body with confidence, not only for everyday use, but also when traveling.

The opening has a zipper so that the baggage inside will not fall out. Just because it has a zipper, it makes a huge difference whether or not you should wear it for everyday use, especially when traveling. From a security standpoint, it's safe to use a zipper, so you can wear it cross-body with confidence while traveling.

Pocket function equipped with various usage scenarios in mind

Pocket function equipped with various usage scenarios in mind

The zip pocket on the outside back is very convenient as it makes it easy to take out things you need, such as your cell phone or card case, when you need them. In the rush of traveling, it's not smart to rummage through the contents of a bag with a top zipper while you're busy, and it's a waste of time.

Simple yet highly functional

Simple yet highly functional

The main compartment on the inside has two open pockets and one zip pocket that are convenient for storing small items. It is highly practical and makes it easy to put in and take out frequently used accessories. B5 size notebooks, booklets, terminal tablets, etc. can be stored smoothly. In addition, the bottom plate (insole) is removable. It is convenient to use different items depending on what you put inside.

The texture and taste of natural leather

The texture and taste of natural leather

Because natural leather is used, there may be surface scratches, uneven coloring, and wrinkles caused by blood lines and blood vessels, which are proof and symbols of natural leather. This increases the original texture of the leather and makes it more flavorful, and it also brings out the naturalness that is more typical of SLOW.


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