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OK for outdoor use, American casual style pot stand/oven glove

ANAheim is an original brand of DETAIL INC., which handles interior products. Anaheim is based on the concept of originality, high quality, just the right price, and stable supply, and has a good balance of design and price, with items that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. This is a pot stand and oven glove from Anaheim Household Goods. A casual design with letters of the alphabet arranged in a gradual order. The red piping that surrounds the main body also serves as an accent. The thick quilted cotton softly prevents heat conduction, and can be used as a pot stand, oven glove, or pot holder. It is also useful when taken out for outdoor activities.


Size information: Body: H1 x W17 x D17cm


Weight: approx. 43g


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