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A business backpack with a fashionable atmosphere made of rubber-like material.

Master-piece, which started in 1994, offers made-in-Japan bags that combine utilitarian design and functionality at a high level. Using functional materials and original parts selected from Japan and abroad with a focus on strength, water repellency, and lightness, the product is characterized by coloring that combines different materials. The more you use it, the more you will feel the attention to detail. This is a business backpack with a matte texture that gives it a mature feel from the Planb series, which offers bags that can be used by people of all generations and genders.

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Body: H42 x W28 x D8.5cm


Approximately 950g


600d Polyester (Highly durable polyurethane coating) INVISTA 1680d Cordura Ballistic (R) Nylon (PU processing on the back)





The main body fabric is made of a highly durable PU coated material, but peeling may occur due to strong friction or deterioration due to usage conditions. If you leave it wet for a long time, it may cause discoloration or deterioration, so please be sure to dry it before storing it. Also, please note that if placed in high humidity conditions, the fabric may wrinkle. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

A perfect balance that can be used for both formal and casual wear

A perfect balance that can be used for both formal and casual wear

A large-sized business bag that can be used by people who want to carry a 15-inch PC or B4 size. It has a 2-way design that can also be used as a briefs bag. The shape is a solid rectangle, but the use of matte textured material adds a sense of looseness. Not only does it go well with jacket styles, but it also fits well with casual styling. It is also an item that can be used throughout the year as it has excellent water repellency.

Easily change form to briefs bag

Easily change form to briefs bag

When using it as a briefcase, you can tie the shoulder harness at the back. There are many types that store the shoulder harness in the zipper pocket, but with this item, you simply clip it to the belt located near the bottom. It's quick and easy, so you can change it on the go. This belt can also be used to connect to a carry case.

Design that can be used both vertically and horizontally

Design that can be used both vertically and horizontally

The main compartment has a zipper on 3 sides + α length so that it can be used as either a backpack or a briefcase, so you can open any part of it. In addition to a PC pocket and 2 zipper pockets, there is also a bottle holder. This is a handy detail that prevents the bottle from shifting or shifting in your bag.

Eco-friendly materials that contribute to SDGs

Eco-friendly materials that contribute to SDGs

Made of 600 denier polyester material with a durable PU coating, it has a calming matte texture. Another big point is that it is environmentally friendly, as it uses a coating that eliminates approximately 90% of solvents that cause environmental pollution. The bottom part, which requires strength, is made of 1680 denier Cordura ballistic nylon, and the back part is made of glossy material.


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