KIKKERLAND Coffee Dripper GOODS Collapsible Coffee Dripper KCU160 [Free Wrapping]

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A stylish coffee dripper that can be folded compactly.

KIKKERLAND is an American interior goods brand. Kickerland Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 with the motto of creating products that bring joy and discovery among the many products being created every day. Together with famous designers, we have released many original products filled with ideas that stimulate curiosity. Currently, Kickerland's products are sold in stores and museum shops around the world and are popular all over the world. With the theme of "things that make everyday life more enjoyable," we deliver unique and smart products that are not only stylish but also functional. This is recommended for those looking for a stylish dripper. A stainless steel color coffee dripper. When folded, it is approximately 2.5cm thin and can be stored neatly without adding bulk. Therefore, you can easily take it outdoors. It is also useful when you want to enjoy coffee time outdoors, such as camping or barbecues. The installation area of ​​the filter is small and stable extraction is possible. Another feature is that the bottom of the main unit is wire-shaped, so you can check the amount while brewing. It is useful when brewing a single serving in a mug, or when placing several cups on top of a carafe. The sophisticated design allows both brewers and drinkers to have a more delicious time.




Size information: Body: H8 x W10 x D10cm Folded H2.5cm x W14.5 x W14.5cm


約Weight: about 100gg


18/0 Stainless steel


Made in China.


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