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[SALE!!] Manhattan Portage Black Label Backpack CHRYSTIE BACKPACK VER.2 Manhattan Portage BLACK LABEL MP1320BL2

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A 2-way tote and backpack bag with an attractive urban design.

Manhattan Portage is a brand founded in New York in 1983. Black Label was developed as a bag that can be used in more formal occasions by making full use of the universal design, high quality materials, and advanced technology that inherits the spirit of the messenger bag, which can be said to be the backbone of the bag. It is a bag that is adapted to urban style, and we continue to pursue functionality that combines full specs and design, as well as versatility that can be created by imagining various scenes. A 2-way tote/backpack bag with an urban atmosphere and a slight military taste.

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Body: H42 x W43 x D15cm Handle (height): 6cm


Approximately 700g


Cordura ballistic nylon (1680 denier, manufactured by INVISTA)


Made in Taiwan.


Attention card (certificate)



For items that are not coated, use a waterproof spray to prevent stains. If it gets dirty, lightly rub it with an eraser-type cleaner or dab it with a cloth dampened with lukewarm water to avoid ring stains.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

A tote bag that can be matched with a jacket style and can also be used as a backpack.

A tote bag that can be matched with a jacket style and can also be used as a backpack.

A trendy 2-way bag with a tote bag and a shoulder harness. The stylish design makes it easy to match with jacket styles, and it can also fit a 13-inch PC, so it can be used for business purposes. Recommended for those who are tired of the 2-way bag of briefcase and backpack. Compression belts are attached on both sides, and the gusset width can be adjusted depending on the amount of luggage.

Military specification nylon tape on the front

Military specification nylon tape on the front

Military standard nylon tape is sewn on the front part. The tape has the functionality of attaching a carabiner or an additional pocket, and at the same time serves as a design accent. It also has an open pocket, which is convenient for storing frequently used items such as smartphones.

Main compartment with a removable pouch for easy storage

Main compartment with a removable pouch for easy storage

The main compartment has a top zipper that makes it difficult to see inside. The interior is designed with plenty of pockets. There are 4 pockets of various sizes on the front side, and a pocket with cushioning material that can fit a 13 inch PC on the back side, and a removable pouch. You can organize and store small items in a deep bag, and you don't have to worry about them getting lost.

Adopts strong Cordura® ballistic nylon

Adopts strong Cordura® ballistic nylon

The main body is made of INVISTA's 1680 denier Cordura® ballistic nylon, which is highly durable and lightweight. It is a material trusted by the militaries of many countries around the world. In addition, leather, seatbelt tape, and highly visible 3M™ BLACK REFLECTOR are used at key points, making it an item that allows you to enjoy the mix of different black materials.


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