PELLE MORBIDA Colore Simple Clutch Bag Simple Clutch Bag PMO-ST009C

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A simple clutch bag that can be used as a bag-in-bag

Pelle Morbida has a reputation for its beautiful appearance and meticulous functionality that is backed by Japanese-made products. The "Holiday Collection", which comes in a wide variety of colors, combines a unisex design with functional beauty and is recommended as a gift. The soft leather texture and flowing curved parts create an elegant atmosphere. A clutch bag with a simple design without excessive decoration is useful for parties. It can also be used as a bag-in-bag, making it a useful item to have on hand.

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Body: H20 x W29 x D4.5cm


Weight: approx. 380g


Embossed leather (cowhide)


Made in Japan.


Accessories: Storage bag



Please avoid places with high humidity and be careful not to leave it in places with high temperatures. This product has brightly dyed interior materials, so depending on the situation, the color may transfer to other products. Avoid contact with abrasive or rough surfaces. If the surface gets dirty, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth. If it gets wet due to rain, etc., wipe it with a soft cloth and then dry it in the shade.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

A simple clutch recommended for dress-up occasions

A simple clutch recommended for dress-up occasions

This is a clutch bag that can be carried at parties and ceremonial occasions. It has a simple look without excessive decoration. It uses shrink-style embossed leather to create an elegant, mature look, while adding ease of use with a long pull handle that is easy to hold and a pocket for convenient storage. Since it is simple and has a thin gusset, it can also be used as a bag-in-bag, expanding the range of usage situations. It's a very useful item to have on hand.

Front pocket improves usability

Front pocket improves usability

It has a clean form, but there is a pocket on the outside of the front. The thin gusset limits what you can put in it, but it's useful as a place to store pamphlets, envelopes, and other papers, as well as small items. In a dress-up scene, a smart gesture to quickly take out your luggage is also an important point. It is a convenient specification that makes a difference in usability depending on whether you have it or not.

Main compartment that can accommodate small items

Main compartment that can accommodate small items

The main compartment is unified with a simple interior like the surface of the main body. Suitable for storing the minimum necessary luggage such as notebooks and small items up to B5 size. There are pockets for small items on the front and back of the interior. It has two different specifications: an open pocket and a zippered pocket, allowing you to comfortably sort the small items you carry throughout the day.

Safe water-repellent leather that can be used all seasons

Safe water-repellent leather that can be used all seasons

Usually, when taking leather goods out, one thing to consider is the weather that day. Many people may find it difficult to take them out on rainy or snowy days. With this material, you don't have to worry about that. It has been treated to be water repellent, so you can take it out in all seasons without worrying about the weather. In addition, the surface is embossed with a shrink-like pattern, giving it a luxurious look and making scratches less noticeable.


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