colapz Portable Shower USB Type Outdoor 12v Portable Rechargeable Travel Shower (3in1) colapz SORC-COL1112 22fw

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USB-type portable shower convenient for outdoor activities

colapz was founded in the UK in 2010. With the brand concept of "making everyday things special and useful things beautiful," we are developing products that can be cleverly folded. By using flexible and environmentally friendly materials, we aim to create products that help protect the earth, not just items that simply save space. From collapsible buckets to water jugs and portable showers, we bring the best of British design to campsites and homes around the world. This is a compact portable shower that is easy to carry. It can be stored neatly in a special bag and is easy to carry. It is useful in situations where you want to spray water from the shower nozzle outdoors or while traveling, such as car washing, after marine sports, shoe washing, outdoor scenes, etc. Pour water from a bucket sold separately or from your own bucket. Although it is compact, it is also attractive because it has a power of 3 liters per minute. It is USB rechargeable and can be used for about 1 hour after being fully charged for 4-5 hours. It also comes with a suction cup and a hook that can be used to secure or hang the nozzle, making it convenient to use.


Size information: Body: Stowed: 7 x 22 x 22 cm Pump: Diameter 4.3 cm x Height 11 cm


Weight: approx. 719g


Accessories: Storage box Storage case


Care Instructions: Please read the instruction manual before using this product.

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