Outdoor manufacturer with the only production base in Europe [BACH]

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Their experience gained from outdoor fields in the mountains of the world and bags for cycling, travel and daily use.

BACH is a global brand that operates mainly in Europe and around the world. Originating in Ireland, BACH brings their experience gained in the outdoor fields of the mountains of the world and in cycling, travel and daily use bags into unique and easy-to-use designs. In recent years, we have been actively developing products for travel use, and our reputation has skyrocketed not only in Japan but also in Asia.


3way bag with design

BACH's 3-way bag, GETAWAY25, can be used in three ways: as a backpack, a handbag, and a shoulder bag. This is a hybrid model that combines both design and functionality, with features such as a bold center zipper on the front, round pockets, a buckle that can reduce the gusset width, and a PC-specific cargo compartment. It covers everything from daily use to travel scenes.

3wayバッグ BACH アイルランド アウトドア サイクリング トラベル バッハ リュックサック