Finest leather products made by Japanese craftsmen

As time passes and the more you use it, it will age with the personality of the person who owns it.

Eventually, it will become a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
"GANZO" is a company that selects materials, tans them,

From cutting, skiving, sewing, and polishing the leather,
A top-of-the-line line that pursues "authenticity" without making any compromises.
The craftsmanship and spirit of craftsmanship, created by craftsmen who know everything about Japanese culture and techniques, is here.


The GUD series is characterized by its unique transparency, deep color, and vintage-like unevenness. Cowhide calf leather made by Concellia Guidi & Rosellini, a historic tanner in Italy, becomes more supple and has a deeper luster with use.


A simple 2-way bag designed with the image of a paper bag. When you go out for a short time and don't have much luggage, fold it in half and use it as a clutch bag. When you suddenly have more luggage, you can unfold it and use it as a tote bag.


The interior is made of J&E Sejuic's bridle leather, which is a heavy material, with shoulder tanning. A hybrid series that allows you to enjoy the smartness, the natural presence of leather, and how it changes over time.


The series name is an abbreviation of “Seven Qualities Shrink -HIDA”. The name ``Seven Quality'' reflects GANZO's spirit of pursuing quality in all seven processes: ``material,'' ``cutting,'' ``slicing,'' ``sewing,'' ``bending,'' ``polishing,'' and ``finishing.''


CERVO means "deer" in Italian. By applying tanning, it overcomes the weakness of deerskin, which is its tendency to stretch, while achieving the original plump texture and soft feel of leather. You can enjoy the charm of deerskin, which is called the cashmere of leather.


Tannin leather series made from Hida beef leather tanned using GANZO's original recipe. The thick tannin leather has a firmness and feel similar to vachetta leather, and a natural look with a natural grain. The leather lining is also buffed and you can feel the attention to quality of the leather lining.


The more time passes and the more you use it, the more it shines. A bag that ages with the personality of the person who owns it.