TOFF (=fashionable) & LOADSTONE (=something that attracts people)

TOFF&LOADSTONE's concept is an exquisite harmony of contradictory elements: the classic element of brass metal fittings and the modern look created by the design.
- A single metal fitting can change a bag. A single bag can change its dignity. -
We propose bags that are ``part of fashion'' by combining the elegance of high-quality materials, tailoring, and appearance with designs that have been passed down through time as TOFF style basics.

Shrink Emboss

Shrink-style embossed leather that expresses an elegant and natural grained expression by using a blank punching process before and after embossing. We use raw leather from Toronto, Canada, which is dense, tight, and has few scratches. The chewy thickness and softness with no sharp edges are proof of high quality leather.

Fjord Goat

After dyeing the goatskin, we add two additional processes: turning the leather with a drum and flapping it, creating a strong valley-like grain and a soft texture.


The Women's Collection has a simple yet luxurious feel with high-quality materials and tailoring. The sophisticated design makes the woman who wears it elegant and beautiful.


The concept is an exquisite harmony of contradictory elements: classical elements and a modern look. We propose bags as "part of fashion".