I am Classic

Established in 2007 by Katsuyuki Yoshida and Reo Yoshida with a focus on ``Made in Japan'' and the concept of ``World Standard Standards''.
We pursue products that will be loved by the next generation and even our grandchildren, while working on tradition, antithesis, artistic culture, and craftsmanship.


This denim series is made of high-quality and durable light-on denim fabric, accented with genuine indigo-dyed leather cord dyed with the natural dye ``Sukumo''.


The super nylon series has an attractive distressed look with uneven coloring similar to denim and fading due to uneven seam surfaces called puckering.


KENDO creates original fabrics based on the concept of creating items that can be passed down to the next generation. This is a series that symbolizes the brand, using indigo dyeing from the thread, which improves in texture and feel as you use it.


A linen fabric with a nappy feel that gets better the more you use it. Available in three colors: product-dyed indigo, black, and unbleached, this item is suitable for every occasion and every day.


The motif is sashiko, which was born from the ``heart of valuing things'' by layering cloth on the frayed parts and sewing them together. A series using original fabrics completed after 5 years of development and processing research.


A series based on orthodox canvas fabric, with classic details (net) sewn on the front and product dyed. Includes a pouch with the message "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" between the nets.


A series that uses "muatsu" shoulder straps that distribute weight based on ergonomics. By reducing the perceived weight of the person carrying the bag, it eases the burden on the body.

Porter Classic

We are committed to "Made in Japan" and pursue products that will be loved by the next generation and even our grandchildren.