A brand for adults who know the essence and seek elegance.

PELLE MORBIDA is for adults who enjoy boating, which is known as the "ideal form of travel."
It was created for mature adults who seek "quality of life."
Elegant and high-quality products that you'll want to take with you on a comfortable and elegant cruise.

So that you can use it with love for a long time,
All of our products are carefully manufactured using carefully selected materials and paying attention to every detail.


Capitano A line that proposes functional and easy-to-use items with the image of a captain sailing the ocean. The smart texture and curved shape add intelligence and sex appeal.

Maiden Voyage

The Standard line was named after the maiden voyage, which evokes the image of a completed ship (bag) going out into the world. A simple and chic series made from shrink leather.


This is a line of wallets and leather accessories created based on the world view of the large cruise ship PELLE MORBIDA.


Mare, which means "sea" in Italian, is Pelle Morbida's top line. The luxurious beauty created by carefully selected materials and sophisticated design invites the owner to tell a rich story in their life.


A series that uses Remonta's high-grade nylon material Nicer. Nicer, which is also used by luxury brands, is characterized by its moderate luster and unique uneven texture, giving it an attractive texture that resembles natural material.


All JAPAN MADE products are made with attention to detail for ``mature adults who enjoy boating.''