A high-quality, sophisticated bag for adults that brings out the personality of the person who carries it.

Is it possible to change various commonplaces even just a little? In order to highlight the personality of the person...
Challenging stereotypical manufacturing. That is the origin of CREEZAN.
A simple design that takes advantage of the characteristics of the materials is filled with a lot of thought and technology.
CREEZAN is a brand that creates products by Japanese craftsmen that are unconventional and creates surprises.


CREEZAN brand flagship series. High-quality shrink leather and luxurious metal parts will make you stand out.


A top-of-the-line camera bag series made by Japanese craftsmen using high-quality shrink leather. The simple silhouette without any frills makes it a masterpiece that can be used for a long time.


This casual series features a perfect combination of highly durable ballistic nylon and natural leather. By using a cushion box inside, it can be expanded as a camera bag.


A casual series for adults who seek quality. The main material is Limonta's NAYCER, which is characterized by its silk-like luster, leather-like texture, and thickness. The combination of a simple design and luxurious metal parts creates a sense of elegance. This series is also attractive due to its lightness due to the nylon material.


This is a brand that sends out little surprises, created by Japanese craftsmen who create products that are unconventional.