From Tokyo to the world... A familiar presence that everyone knows.
Evolution starts from the origin and progresses in line with the growth of the person.
A partner along the way who is attracted to the wavelength of life, going out to the city to have fun, traveling and learning.
We create products that pursue the highest quality materials, functionality, durability, and fashion, and strive to be a presence next to you at all times.
A crossover brand of fashion and sports was born with this desire in mind.


Pursuing a simple design that is not influenced by trends. Crossing the boundaries between mode, street, sports, and business, we have selected the highest quality materials in the series, while being simple. The functions inherit the MAKAVELIC products in key points. This is a high-end series that pursues a higher stage.


A series inspired by street culture and sports. The lineup is based on the concepts of daily use, travel, and sports, and has design and functionality for an active lifestyle.


A series created by a collaboration between MAKAVELIC and a fixie brand [LEADER BIKE] from California, USA. Under the supervision of hip-hop musician AKLO, who is also known as a new generation street icon, this series incorporates not only fashion but also all the functionality that piston riders want.


Pursuing minimalism with a tight, linear design in mind. By choosing a simple silhouette centered around monochrome colors, you can create a contemporary style that synchronizes rough traditional style with fashion. With a design that is not too overstated, this series matches a variety of occasions regardless of age or gender.


A series with a styling that is a crossover between mode and street fashion. This series uses high-density nylon to give off the essence of high fashion, while being equipped with functionality that makes it a great choice for both on and off occasions.


A futuristic series that expresses the essence of sports and chic, modern fashion through a combination of minimalist beauty and avant-garde materials. The design expressed by curves not only has beauty but also functionality that can change into various shapes, giving it an overwhelming presence even when used around town.


The sophisticated design with trendy colors is a limited edition series that creates a slightly different atmosphere.


We pursue high-quality and functional products that cross over fashion and sports.