Sports, Luxury, Outdoor, Work that forms the “SLOW” worldview

The brand name "SLOW" indicates our stance as a manufacturer, which is to pursue our creations slowly without being swayed by the rapidly changing times.
Based on the spirit of ``creating things that we want to own,'' Japanese craftsmen use their proud techniques to create items that become more flavorful the more they are used, and items that can be used for a long time.
Based on the timeless American casual and American traditional styles, we develop products that match these styles.

【SLOW ノベルティフェア】

数量限定SLOW オリジナルレザーネームプレートを10,000円(税込)以上のSLOWの商品をお買い上げの方に先着でSLOW オリジナルレザーネームプレートをプレゼント!


We use full vegetable tanned leather from Tochigi Leather, which is said to have the best technology in Japan. Genuine tanned leather that has been carefully tanned using tanning agents over time.


It is characterized by its thinness and lightness, and the unique look is created by applying oil by hand after finishing the product. It combines the charm of Tochigi leather, which improves in texture the more you use it, with a soft feel and lightness.


We use the skin of an animal called "Kudu". Its characteristics include the strength of cowhide and the suppleness of serow, and no two patterns are the same. In addition, the surface is processed to give it a unique look and texture.


Made of full vegetable tanned leather from Italy's "conceria 800" (Otcento). The leather has a tight surface unique to the Tuscan region, and is flexible enough to fit your body the more you use it.


The depth of color and gentle expression are its greatest characteristics, and the more you use it, the more its unique texture will emerge. The individual differences that can only be achieved by hand-painting are interesting, and the fact that no two pieces are the same is also a feature.


SLOW's original double oil series was newly developed jointly by SLOW and Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd. This is a series that has a deep expression and flavor, as the bags are carefully hand-coated with oil and massaged after being made into products.


SLOW's belt is made by a single craftsman, from cutting the leather, plowing, sewing, polishing the edges, and finishing. A new innovation that combines the wild texture of leather with the beautiful finish of Japanese craftsmanship.


Made from full vegetable tanned vachetta leather made by BADALASSI CARLO in Italy. After tanning, the surface is sandpapered, and a brass brush is used to brush the leather in a circular motion.


We use full vegetable tanned leather made by Sanyo Co., Ltd., which supplied leather shoes and belts to the military during the Russo-Russian War. The repeated waxing process adds strength and solidity to the finish, and it is characterized by a firm, dull luster.

Vintage horse

Made from Shinki Leather Co., Ltd.'s horse leather, which is both light and soft. The leather is full vegetable tanned and dyed in a pit tank, resulting in a chewy and durable leather. It is characterized by a unique uneven feel just like vintage.


We use fine-grained and rare Japanese cowhide leather carefully finished with vegetable tanning by Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd. This is a masterpiece that is entirely made in Japan, from the raw leather to the sewing.


This series uses the highest quality deerskin in Japan, tanned by a long-established tannery founded in 883. In addition to the moderate elasticity and excellent durability unique to deerskin, it is also characterized by its light, soft, and supple texture.

horse pit

Uses highly rare domestic leather made by tanning European hides with domestic tanners. By carefully finishing the leather with vegetable tanning over a two-month period, we have maximized the strength, lightness, and suppleness of horsehide leather.


Made from bridle leather manufactured by THOMAS WARE & SONS in the UK. Bridle stands for "horse harness" and is made of thick and strong cowhide leather that is fully vegetable tanned, making it highly durable and strong enough to withstand the forces of a horse.


Oiled cotton is made by heating and mixing paraffin and oil and allowing it to penetrate into canvas fabric. The oil content makes the fabric soft and the more you use it, the more you can enjoy its unique aging.


We are developing ``things that can be used slowly and for a long time'' based on American casual and American traditional fashion.