About the product

The color is different from the actual product.

Each product is made from natural materials and has individual differences, so the color of the actual product and the product displayed on the page may differ. In addition, the color tone may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings. Please check this out for details.

The actual size is slightly different from the stated dimensions.

Some products are sewn and finished by hand, so there may be a difference of 1 to 2 centimeters. Thank you for your understanding.

I would like to request selection of individual products.

I'm sorry. We do not accept requests for selection of individual products. Regarding individual differences in texture and texture, we appreciate your continued use of our products.

About your order

Can I ship to an address other than my own?

It is also possible to deliver to a different address than the orderer, such as for gifts. Please proceed with the order process from the cart and specify the delivery address on the delivery address specification page.
If you enter a different delivery address than the orderer, a delivery note will be included, but the amount will not be listed. If you are placing an order on behalf of someone else and would like a delivery note with the amount listed on it to be delivered along with the product, please write ``I would like the delivery note included'' in the notes section when ordering.

Can I add wrapping or Noshi?

We accept wrapping for some products. We are sorry, but we do not accept Noshi. Wrapping is a service in which we remove the tags from your ordered products and deliver them in a gift bag.
When using the service, please select from the ``Gift wrapping request'' box on the ``Specify payment method, delivery time, etc.'' page. Please note that wrapping is free of charge. Click here for more information.

  • ・Gift wrapping is only available for products that display the "Free Wrapping" icon.
  • ・All products ordered at once will be wrapped together. If you would like to have your order individually wrapped or delivered to multiple addresses, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please place multiple orders. Please note that if there is even one item in your cart that cannot be wrapped, you will not be able to use the wrapping service.
  • ・Please note that the service may be suspended without notice.

I had an item in my cart, but when I went through the purchase process, it was out of stock.

The item is not guaranteed to be in stock at the time you add it to your cart. Please note that if an item has been purchased by another customer and is sold out, you will not be able to place an order.

I did not receive a confirmation email after placing my order.

Please set up domain cancellation so that you can receive emails from "torato.jp". Additionally, free emails may be automatically placed in your "spam" folder, so please check there as well.
If you still do not receive it, please contact us as there is a possibility that your order was not placed correctly or the address you entered is incorrect.

Can you issue a receipt?

The receipt will be the body of the email [Shipping Information [Order Number]] sent when shipping is complete. Please feel free to print it out and use it.

I ordered them separately, but could you send them all together?

This is possible before shipping preparations. however,
・It may not be possible depending on the payment method.
-No changes can be made after the shipping notification has been sent.
note that.

About payment

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods available include credit card payment, Amazon Pay and various Pay payments, convenience store payment, deferred payment, and cash on delivery. Please note that in the case of cash on delivery, it is not possible to pay by credit card when the product arrives. Please click here for information on the types of credit cards that can be used.

When is the credit card payment due date?

Monthly closing dates and payment dates vary depending on the credit card company, so please check with your credit card company for details.

Is it possible to purchase with Amazon Pay?

yes. Is possible. You can purchase using the credit card registered to your Amazon account. To use it, click the "Pay with Amazon Account" button on the product page or in your cart.

Regarding delivery

Can I specify a delivery company?

I'm sorry. We do not accept the designation of delivery companies. Currently, delivery is by Sagawa Express (may differ to some remote islands).

Is there a shipping charge?

Free shipping if the total purchase amount is 3,980 yen (tax included) or more. If the total purchase amount is less than 3,980 yen [tax included], an additional shipping fee of 638 yen [tax included] will be charged.
Okinawa and remote islands may require additional shipping charges. In that case, we will contact you with the price before shipping.

How long will it take to receive the product?

For orders placed before 14:00 on weekdays, we will ship the same day unless otherwise specified.
Please see here for the estimated delivery date.
In the following cases, the delivery date may change.

  • ・Traffic congestion and busy delivery season
  • ・When unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters occur
  • ・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (will be shipped the next business day)
  • ·New year holiday season
  • ・Delivery to Okinawa and remote islands
  • ・Orders for payments that take time to confirm payment

Can I specify the delivery date?

Yes, if you place your order by 3:00 pm on weekdays, you can specify your order from 3 business days later. For the shortest time, please order without specifying.
Please note that delivery dates and times cannot be specified for Okinawa and remote islands.

Do you know where the shipped items are?

Please enter the inquiry number provided in the shipping completion email into Sagawa Express' baggage inquiry service to confirm.

What happens if I am not present at the time of delivery?

If you are not home at the time of delivery, the delivery company will send you an "absence note", so please contact us and receive it.
*Please note that if you do not receive your package even after one week has passed since the delivery of your absence ticket, it will be returned to us. If returned, redelivery will incur additional shipping charges. In addition, the payment method will be credit card payment.

Can you ship overseas?

I'm sorry. We do not accept shipments overseas.
If you wish to have your order delivered overseas, please use the Tenso.com service.

Regarding cancellations and changes

Until when can I cancel?

Cancellations can only be made while the product is being prepared for shipment. Generally, items will be shipped on the same day, so please check the details before confirming your order.
We may not be able to accept cancellations for some limited edition items.

About returns and exchanges

Until when can I return/exchange items?

Returns and exchanges are possible within 7 days after receiving the product. Items cannot be returned or exchanged more than 8 days after receiving the item. If you wish to return or exchange an item, please check the return conditions below and contact us.

  • <Return conditions>
  • ■Contact must be made within 7 days from the date the product arrived.
  • ■The delivered product must be unused and free from scratches and dirt.
  • ■Product tags, accessories, special bags, etc. must all be included.

Can I return or exchange used items?

Only unused items can be returned or exchanged. Used products with tags removed cannot be returned or exchanged.

Is there a shipping charge for returns/exchanges?

Shipping and handling charges for returns and exchanges due to customer convenience will be borne by the customer.

I would like to return an unused item, but I ended up using the novelty item that was sent with it.

If you are returning a product with a novelty item, please return the novelty item as well. Even if the product is unused, we cannot accept returns if the novelty item is used. Exchange is possible.

Defective product/I received a different product than the one I ordered.

I am sorry. We take great care in inspecting the product before shipping, but in the unlikely event that the delivered product is found to be incorrect, damaged, or soiled, we will provide a refund or exchange. Please contact us using the inquiry form within 7 days from the date of delivery of the product.

About repairs

Can you repair it?

yes. We accept requests for a fee. Please check the details here .

Can it be repaired in any condition?

Repairs may be difficult depending on the condition. In addition, if parts are not in stock, repairs may be performed using alternative parts.

Is it possible to repair items purchased from other companies?

Thank you for your time. Products eligible for repair are limited to products purchased at TORATO.

About member services

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

By registering in advance, you can save yourself the trouble of entering your address and delivery address when placing an order. You can also check your order history and save items you are interested in to your favorites list. Additionally, if you request to receive our e-mail newsletter after registering as a member, we will send you information on recommended products once a month.

Does it cost money to register as a member?

Member registration is free.

I forgot my member password.

Please reissue your password from " Forgot your password? " on the LOGIN page.

Where can I change my membership registration details?

You can do this from My Page .

Where can I unsubscribe?

You can do this from My Page . Please note that if you cancel your membership, your order history will also be deleted.

About mail magazine

How can I receive the email newsletter?

Please check "I would like to receive the e-mail newsletter" when registering as a member. (*Published once a month.)

How can I change or cancel my email newsletter registration?

If you requested an e-mail newsletter when registering as a member, please change your registration details from My Page .


Can I use it from a smartphone or mobile phone (feature phone)?

Smartphones are supported. We apologize, but this service cannot be used from mobile phones (feature phones).