A little more luxurious this year...! 3 leather bags to gift on Father's Day

By 大野恵一郎

June 18th is “Father’s Day”!

The rainy season has arrived, with the humidity and temperature gradually rising, making you sweaty. When you think of June, many people think of the summer solstice or June Brides, but we should not forget that there is a special day in which fathers are the main characters. The third Sunday in June, June 18th, is Father's Day.

Fathers are often taken for granted because they are close to each other, but the presence of fathers, who are also called the breadwinners of the family, is very important. Let's send words of gratitude to the father who always does his best for the family with a wonderful present!

Introducing leather bags that are perfect for dads and are essential items for everyday life.

"Slow" matches any scene without worrying about whether it's on or off.

A light and easy-to-handle fanny pack that creates a soft atmosphere by using leather that has been finished so thinly that you won't feel the weight of the all-leather finish.

After the product is finished, oil is applied by hand and a little extra effort gives it a unique look, making it an item that makes the most of the charm of Tochigi leather. The subtle and stylish logo plate placed on the back is also stylish.

The main compartment has an open pocket so you can store small items without worrying about them falling apart inside the bag. It is easy to use when riding a bicycle, and is perfect for going out on holidays or while traveling.

A new store opened for stylish and cool dads!

A convenient clutch bag that is easy to use for both business and formal occasions, and can be carried quickly when going out for a short time.

The wide gusseted interior can store thick items, and it's the perfect size to fit an iPad, neither too big nor too small.

The three pockets located on the front and back prevent your luggage from being skewed, allowing you to neatly pack your bag without losing its shape. The flap has a hidden magnetic closure so that no metal is visible, and the detachable strap can be worn on the wrist on rainy days or when you have a lot of luggage.To ensure a beautiful look, the D-ring at the attachment point can be stored in the back pocket. It has been.

This clutch bag is not only convenient, but also has a beautiful appearance down to the smallest detail, so it won't look sloppy even on a glamorous occasion.

  • PELLE MORBIDA Clutch_Bag Clutch Bag 10th Anniversary Fukushima Collaboration PELLE MORBIDA F002
  • PELLE MORBIDA Clutch_Bag Clutch Bag 10th Anniversary Fukushima Collaboration PELLE MORBIDA F002


    PELLE MORBIDA Clutch_Bag Clutch Bag 10th Anniversary Fukushima Collaboration PELLE MORBIDA F002


PELLE MORBIDA Clutch_Bag Clutch Bag 10th Anniversary Fukushima Collaboration PELLE MORBIDA F002
¥46200 [tax included]

For picky dads, we recommend ``GANZO'' for a bit of luxury!

Inspired by the Italian word for paper bag, ``sacchetto,'' this luxurious bag is made from a single piece of horsehide that has been tanned in Japan for a long time, allowing you to fully enjoy the charm of leather.

The hand kneading process gives it a unique distressed and wild texture, giving it the rough feel of a paper bag.

The interior has a simple structure with no partitions, so you can easily store a 13-inch PC even if you place it on the side, and you can also store bulky items. Yet, it is lightweight, so this tote bag is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations, both private and business.

Let's make a gift that conveys the feeling of "thank you"

How about TORATO's recommended Father's Day gift?

If someone uses the bag they gave as a gift for a long time, the person who gave it to them will be very happy.

High-quality leather products are highly durable, so if you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime. Leather bags get better the more you use them, and you can enjoy watching them age with you, so you can enjoy using them for a long time.

This year, let's stretch ourselves a little and give a luxurious leather bag as a way to say "thank you" over the years!