- Change your bag with just one metal fitting Change your dignity with just one bag - [TOFF&LOADSTONE]

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
― 金具ひとつでバッグが変わる バッグひとつで品格が変わる ―[TOFF&LOADSTONE]

TOFF (=fashionable) & LOADSTONE (=something that attracts people)


TOFF&LOADSTONE is made with classic elements such as brass metal fittings. The concept is the exquisite harmony of contradictory elements, with a modern look created by the design. - A single metal fitting can change a bag. A single bag can change its dignity. - We combine the elegance of high-quality materials, tailoring, and appearance with designs that have been passed down through time as TOFF style basics, and propose bags that are part of fashion.



Brand original brass hardware handmade by craftsmen

Symbolic brass casting metal fittings that are synonymous with TOFF&LOADSTONE. All of the cast brass fittings, which add to the atmosphere with each use, are all original designs, and each piece is handcrafted by craftsmen using traditional manufacturing methods. The commitment to finishing the brass fittings, which cost several times more than regular metal fittings, with an original design shows the uncompromising attitude toward bag design.


The cowhide is made from fine-grained raw hide from Toronto, Canada.

At TOFF&LOADSTONE, we carefully select leather from Toronto, Canada, which is of stable quality, in order to eliminate individual differences in leather as a natural material as much as possible. Due to the influence of the climate, cows raised in the cold region of Toronto have a finely textured hide that is less susceptible to pests and has fewer scratches. ``A bag's individuality is naturally created by the user, and if there are 100 users, 100 unique characteristics will naturally be created.'' Rather than dismissing individual differences in leather by saying ``it's a natural material,'' it is possible to create quality items one by one. When you pick up a TOFF&LOADSTONE bag, you can feel the creator's desire to keep it as high and uniform as possible.


Adjust the thickness of the leather in millimeters to maintain the design

TOFF&LOADSTONE's ideal bag is ``a bag that retains its design even on the floor'' and ``a bag that retains its new design for a long time.'' In order to create such an ideal bag, TOFF & LOADSTONE works directly with tanners to adjust the thickness of the ideal leather to the millimeter level. For example, when other brands order finished leather with a thickness of 1.8 mm, TOFF&LOADSTONE takes into account that the leather becomes thinner than the original thickness during the processing process until it is finished into a bag, so we order a thicker one. I am ordering it in 2.2mm. You can feel TOFF&LOADSTONE's belief in bag making that if the design at the time of purchase is easily damaged, it is not a fashionable bag.


TOFF&LOADSTONE トフアンドロードストーン 本革 牛革 真鍮 真鍮金具