Let's say "thank you"! Basket bag for Mother's Day gift

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

TORATO's carefully selected basket bag as a Mother's Day gift

The second Sunday in May, May 14th, is Mother's Day. I feel grateful to my mother, which I have had fewer opportunities to see since I became an adult, or because I am too embarrassed to express my gratitude to her. Why not say "thank you" with a gift on this special occasion? When it comes to gifts, we tend to choose sweets, easy-to-use accessories, and flowers such as the classic carnation, but we're sure mom will be happy with a bag that can be used for everyday shopping or going out on special occasions. Therefore, TORATO proposes basket bags that will make you look forward to the coming season.

Beautiful, practical, and smart basket bag

Not only does it have a beautiful form that will make you fall in love with it, but it also has a long handle, which is unusual for a basket bag, making it convenient to carry over your shoulder, and the storage capacity to hold the necessary items makes it perfect for everyday outings.

Another great feature is that it has open pockets on the front and back that are convenient for storing small items. The brand's iconic metal accessories made of brass on the front and the shrink-like cowhide leather on the handles add a touch of luxury without being too cute. It creates an adult atmosphere.

Free gift wrapping for your loved ones

A bag that can be used depending on your mood and fashion that day, is an item that you can have no matter how many you have. Many mothers who put their family first, such as raising children and doing housework, may not have bought a new bag for many years. TORATO offers free gift wrapping, so if you include a message card with the gift, your mother will surely be happy. Why not take this opportunity to have a wonderful Mother's Day together?