4 SLOW leather accessories that become more flavorful the more you use them

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Beautiful leather accessories that let you enjoy the original texture of leather

SLOW is based on the spirit of ``creating things that we want to own,'' and uses Japanese craftsmen's proud techniques to create items that become more flavorful the more you use them, and items that can be used for a long time. Based on our manufacturing stance of wanting to slowly pursue our creations without being swayed by the rapidly changing times, we have introduced four selections of American casual and traditional style leather accessories that will be loved throughout the ages.

Long wallet made of high-quality Japanese leather with a removable card case

This long wallet is made from HERBIE, a domestic leather with a sturdy and heavy feel. The storage space is spacious and has a large capacity, making it convenient for sorting paper such as bills and receipts. The main body comes with a removable card case. The size is just about the same as a general pass case. You can store up to 4 cards on both sides. Since it can be carried around, it is convenient for cashless payments. It's useful in a variety of situations, such as going out for lunch with only your card, shopping, or as a pass case. The thin gusset allows it to easily fit into clothing pockets.

A mini wallet made of bridle leather from a long-established British tanner that allows you to enjoy the changes over time.

A mini wallet made with bridle leather from Thomas Wear & Sons, a long-established British tanner. It is compact and fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to carry. We use bridle leather from a long-established British tannery with a history of over 170 years. The most distinctive feature of its appearance is the powdery white bloom that stands out. The bloom created by waxing is a proof of the bridle, giving it durability and sturdiness, and bringing out the beauty of its fine texture. As you use it, it becomes shiny. You can quickly remove the bloom with a soft cloth or brush when you first use it, or if you don't mind it, you can enjoy the way it fades over time.

Authentic leather key case that is also popular as a gift

A two-page spread type key case with four brass rings is a popular accessory as a gift. We use Herbie leather, which has a matte texture and natural streaks and scratches, giving it a solid feel. You can collect all the keys you need on a daily basis into one, and if you have one, you can prevent losing individual keys. Comes with a removable key ring, so you can use it separately. There is a space on the back for one card, making it convenient for using transportation IC cards. *The logo will be delivered as either the old or new version. You cannot choose.

A card case with a simple design that brings out the quality of the material.

A simple card case made of Herbie leather made by Sanyosha, a long-established domestic tanner. The simple design with no decorations makes the quality of the material stand out. This is a masterpiece that shows the careful work of Japanese craftsmen, such as the stitching that surrounds the entire body and the edge treatment that is thin but polished. It is useful as a business card holder, which is a must-have item in business situations, and as a pass case.

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