The GUD series [GANZO] uses the highest quality transparent leather, Italian calf leather from Guidi.

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Cowhide leather made by Conceria Guidi & Rosellini, a tannery with a history of 120 years in Tuscany, Italy.

The cowhide used in GANZO's GUD series is made by Conceria Guidi & Rosellini, a tannery with a history of 120 years in Tuscany, Italy. We use the raw hides of cows raised in the Alps, especially calfs (calves less than a year old). Carefully selected calfs are carefully finished using Guidi's specialized vachetta method. The vachetta manufacturing method is a full vegetable tanning method that has a long history of 10 centuries in the Santa Croce region of Italy. This traditional method of tanning, which takes time and effort, is currently inherited by only a few tanners. Furthermore, it is polished using a waxing technique called glazing to give it a glossy finish, giving it an indescribable luster. Each piece of leather is carefully hand-dyed and finished by hand, creating a soft and unique texture that makes it difficult for oil to penetrate, but also makes it difficult for oil to escape. You can enjoy a deeper texture when used.


High quality and pride in the finest bags that pursue authenticity without compromise

Ganzo is a brand that produces high-quality bags and accessories that pursue authenticity without compromise, from material selection to tanning, leather cutting, sanding, sewing, and polishing. The craftsmanship and spirit of craftsmanship, created by craftsmen who know everything about Japanese culture and techniques, is here. As proof of this, all of our products are clearly engraved with the words "Made in Japan" along with the GANZO brand logo, and you can feel the great pride we take in the products we produce.

GANZO イタリア カーフレザー ガンゾ トスカーナ フルベジタブルタンニン鞣し レザー レザーバッグ 本革