Special feature on long wallets recommended for good luck days

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Special feature on long wallets recommended for good luck days

Ten Forgiveness Day, which is said to be ``the day when Heaven forgives the sins of all things,'' is said to be the most auspicious day, and it is said that whatever you do will go well. If you buy a new wallet or start using it on this day, you might be able to improve your financial luck! For those who are thinking of replacing their wallet, we would like to introduce TORATO's recommended long wallet.

Recommended for those who choose a large capacity! A long wallet that can hold plenty of bills and coins.

If you want a long wallet that allows you to fully enjoy the charm of leather, choose a SLOW item with beautiful natural grain. Made from rare French goat leather. It is thick and stiff, making it highly durable. You can enjoy the changes over time, so it's perfect for a wallet you use every day.

What you look for in a long wallet is storage capacity! An overwhelmingly large capacity product that I would recommend to anyone. With 2 bill compartments, 13 card pockets, and a free pocket in the box-style coin room that opens wide, it has enough storage capacity to satisfy those who want to carry everything from cash to point cards.

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Round zipper long wallet designed to be as compact as possible

ERA. is perfect for people who don't want to fold bills but don't like big, bulky ones. It is designed to be small enough to fit a 10,000 yen bill, so it is compact and thin for a long wallet. The soft-touch high-quality French calf leather is also attractive.

It has ample capacity with a bill compartment, zippered coin room, and 12 card pockets. Artificial suede is used for the lining, which allows cards to slide easily and is easy to take in and out.

A long wallet with a cover type that exudes a mature charm.

For those who don't like bulky long wallets, how about the cover type from LANVIN COLLECTION? The matte textured leather has glossy lines, giving it a sharp and elegant impression. It looks good when taken out from the chest of a suit.

Although it has a clean look, it is actually a large capacity type that can hold up to 18 cards. What's more, 12 of them are obvious as soon as you open them, so you don't have to worry about looking for them. There are no snap buttons or zippers, so you can open the wallet quickly, making checkout a breeze. The trend of mini bags has led to a wave of mini wallets, but long wallets that can hold bills without folding them are something that gives adults a sense of leeway. In autumn and winter, when mature fashion such as jackets and coats shines, why not change your wallet to be more elegant?

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