Characteristics of natural leather and precautions when ordering

By カンナートECツクール(shopifypartners)

Wrinkles and scratches unique to natural leather

The traces of their life as animals remain in the form of patterns when they are turned into leather. We will introduce four representative blood lines, wrinkles (tiger), scars, and grains.



They are traces of blood vessels under the skin, forming a streak-like pattern that resembles the veins of a leaf or lightning bolts. The less surface treatment the product has, the more clearly the pattern will appear.


wrinkles (tiger)

It is especially seen on leather in areas that tend to wrinkle, such as around the neck, belly, and back. When dyed, it may become darker than the surrounding area, resulting in beautiful color unevenness that looks like a gradation.



These are scratches and cuts caused by fights or injuries between animals. There are also small scratches that look like fingernails and long scratches.



It refers to the unevenness of the skin. The density of the pores determines the size of the grain. Even within a single piece of leather, there may be differences in coarseness and density, and some may have a bumpy texture.

    When ordering leather products

    At our store, we inspect each item one by one, and only sell good quality products with no problems. We may deliver leather with the characteristics mentioned above, but we hope that you will understand that this is a unique characteristic of the leather, as no two leathers are the same. Please note that if you are not satisfied with the product, such as ``the amount of wrinkles is different from what you expected'' or ``the location of the scratches'', you will be responsible for returning the product.

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