4 leather backpacks recommended for everyday use and business use

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Use a leather backpack not only for business occasions but also for your private life.

The style of matching a backpack with business style has become established, but a leather backpack that can be used both elegantly and casually can be enjoyed for a long time.The more you use leather, the more it will adapt to your body and give you a more mature look. There is no doubt that the personality of the person who has it will be revealed and they will grow attached to it. This time we will introduce four recommended leather backpacks.

A sleek, slim leather backpack that feels like a briefcase for convenience.

TOMOE was started when a manufacturer of baseball gloves and leather bags, a craftsman familiar with bag making, and an innovative bag designer met. We develop simple and flexible working bags that harmonize with strict quality control cultivated through glove making, high quality by skilled craftsmen, and minimalist and functional designs. This is a leather backpack with a minimal design from the SLIM series, which was designed with attention to thinness. Iconic sliding handles are placed on the top and right side. The design makes it easy to take the bag off your back and carry it in your hand or on your side.

Beautiful and sturdy leather backpack

Pelle Morbida has a reputation for its beautiful appearance and meticulous functionality that is backed by Japanese-made products. Pelle Morbida's standard line "Maiden Voyage", named after the maiden voyage with the image of "a completed ship (bag) going out into the world", is made from soft shrink leather developed in the Himeji Matsubara area, a leather producing area. This is a simple and chic series with a body. A sturdy rectangle-shaped leather backpack is a neat item that goes well with a suit style. Recommended for daily commuting.

A square backpack that combines plain appearance and functionality.

We create bags that take advantage of the manufacturing know-how, experience, and technology that we have cultivated over many years. Bags made using materials such as the familiar glove leather not only have a smooth feel and elegant appearance, but also have useful functions from a practical standpoint. This square-shaped backpack has a plain appearance and is compatible with A4 size.

LANVIN COLLECTION's elegant glossy leather business bag

This is also a TRION leather backpack. This backpack is made from a combination of leftover baseball glove leather and ice hockey glove nylon material, and has a unique panel design. It's light and sporty, making it hard to believe it's a leather bag.

PELLE MORBIDA TOMOE TRION カジュアル シンプル トモエ トライオン バックパック ビジネス ペッレモルビダ レザー 本革