Pursuit of practical functional beauty in line with diversifying LIFE STYLE [SML]

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
多様化するLIFE STYLEに合わせた実用的な機能美の追求[SML]


SML comes from the initials of "SPEC MILITARY ELLEMENT LINE" and is a brand that develops bags that incorporate military strength into everyday use. The main fabric is durable Cordura® nylon. There are several types of Cordura nylon, but the one we use at SML is made in the USA and imported from Brookwood, and is a material that complies with military standards called Mil-Spec. Therefore, it also has a beige-like color called Coyote, which was designed for desert combat. The buckles and parts are ordered from the US National Molding Company, and are also extremely durable and made to Mil-Spec, and are used in places where it would be difficult to remove them, such as strollers and child locks. The fabric and parts of the main body are made in the USA, and the interior is made of nylon made in Japan.


A helmet bag representative of SML that is easy to carry and perfect for everyday use.

This is an SML helmet bag modeled after the vintage helmet bag 4th. The redesigned body is slightly smaller than the original, making it easy to carry around and convenient for everyday use by both men and women. Comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to adjust the length, so you can carry it in your hand, over your shoulder, or across your body. You can choose how to hold it depending on the situation.

SML エスエムエル トートバッグ ヘルメットバッグ ミリタリー