Brief bag [BRIEFING] from the MODULE WARE series developed to carry important things smartly

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
大切なものをスマートに持ち運ぶために開発されたMODULE WAREシリーズのブリーフバッグ[BRIEFING]

Easy-to-use 3-layer structure designed with portability in mind

This 3-way bag is made from thin and lightweight ripstop nylon, keeping the look and functionality of BRIEFING's brief bags. The light texture removes the ruggedness and gives it an elegant appearance. The MODULE WARE series bags were developed to carry important items in a smart manner, and have a multi-layered structure that allows you to separate your work essentials and a change of clothes. A must-have item for business trips that can be connected to a carry case.

Comes with a convenient function that can be connected to a carry case

The seat belt tape on the back is not just a design accent, but is actually a belt that can be attached to the handlebar of the carry case. It is designed to be passed through the handlebar. It instantly relieves stress when traveling with a lot of luggage, and allows you to move smartly.


Easy-to-use 3-layer structure designed with portability in mind

Based on the series concept of carrying important things smartly, the three-layer structure has storage spaces for each purpose. The first floor is a sub-room with plenty of pockets to store frequently used tablets and small items, the second floor is a large main room for changing clothes, and the third floor is a room for work essentials such as a PC and documents. I am. The storage space for PCs and tablets is made of highly cushioned material.


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