The goal is zero gravity. What is Porter Classic's "Newton Bag"?

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
目標、無重力。Porter Classicの「ニュートンバッグ」とは?

A unique collaboration between “Porter Classic” and “Showa Nishikawa”

Introducing a bag from Porter Classic that surprised even Newton, who discovered universal gravitation. Its name is "Newton bag". This is a popular bag that we have received many inquiries from before it arrived. This time we will introduce the Newton bag, which overturns the conventional wisdom of bags.

Anyway, my luggage is light. So I want you to experience it.

A Newton bag created through a unique collaboration between "Porter Classic" and "Showa Nishikawa." By using Muatsu, a mattress made by Showa Nishikawa, a long-established bedding manufacturer, on the shoulder straps of the bag, the Newton Bag offers unprecedented bag comfort. I have also experienced carrying heavy luggage in a bag, and the bag feels much lighter compared to the actual amount of luggage. I want everyone to experience this feeling at least once. It's a gem that makes me think that way.


Reduces the burden on the body, making it less tiring

I think there are many people who usually carry a lot of luggage for work and get tired just from commuting and moving around. The Newton bag is definitely recommended for those people. The Newton bag series has a lineup of backpacks that are designed for business use and have enough capacity for work use and are designed to match with suits. A Newton bag may relieve you from the stress of commuting and moving, which used to be a pain. Additionally, starting this spring, the Japan Sports Agency will be running a campaign encouraging people to wear clothes that are easy to walk in, such as sneakers to work, with the aim of promoting health. With the Newton bag, you can walk easily even when carrying heavy luggage, and your body will not get tired easily. Why not enjoy walking a lot by wearing comfortable clothes and a comfortable Newton bag?


Shifting the mindset from ``a bag that feels light'' to ``a bag that feels light''

Up until now, the bag industry has focused on reducing the weight of the bag itself to make ``lighter bags'' in order to make luggage lighter. On the other hand, the Newton bag does not aim for lightness in the bag itself, but instead pursues a bag that feels light. This shift in thinking may be said to have overturned the conventional wisdom of bags as tools. Just as Newton's discovery of universal gravitation caused a paradigm shift, did Porter Classic's Newton bag cause a paradigm shift in the bag industry? It may be


muatsu porterclassic ニュートン ポータークラシック ムアツ 昭和西川