Pop and colorful! New brand [CASTELBAJAC] now available

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

[CASTELBAJAC] Creates designs that fuse art and fashion and shines with individuality

TORATO has newly started handling [CASTELBAJAC].

CASTELBAJAC was founded in 1978 by French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Always adhering to the theme of "evolution," we create designs that fuse art and fashion. Based on the motto ``Never make fashionable clothes,'' this brand is characterized by pop graphic illustrations and colorful colors that highlight his individuality.

This time we would like to introduce three recommended items from CASTELBAJAC.

A shoulder bag with an outstanding impact that shows off the logo

Although the design is simple at first glance, the bold three-dimensional logo on the front stands out when the light hits it, giving off a presence. This logo is called ``KAMON'' and is the symbol of the brand that Castelbajac, who is deeply knowledgeable about Japanese culture, designed his initials ``JCC'' in the style of a family crest.

The interior is large enough to store a 6-inch or larger smartphone with a case included. There are card pockets on the back and inside, so if you put coins and bills in it, it can also function as a wallet. A versatile item that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from daily life to live performances and travel!

The vivid oranges and reds and pop colors are also typical of Castelbajac.

Double monogram pattern mini tote bag with plenty of impact

This mini tote bag from the Nice series features a small monogram pattern that is synonymous with Castelbajac, and a large monogram pattern in a contrasting color printed all over.

In addition, the tape with the logo on the front and the large zipper pull have a great impact. Just having one of these will instantly brighten up your outfit!


Despite this, it's an amazing item that doesn't look too cluttered and creates a cohesive overall impression. Although it is compact, it has 5 pockets on the outside, and the nice feature is that it has a well-designed design. It fits just right in B5, and if you open the zipper you can put a 500ml plastic bottle vertically, so it's recommended for everyday use or as a cart tote on the golf course.


A beautiful A4 size shoulder bag with a pop atmosphere

A shoulder bag from the Pansee series with a catchy pop and sporty design.

The carefully crafted logo, which is not a print but a three-dimensional finish, creates a luxe atmosphere. Furthermore, the tricolor shoulder strap and tape on the front add to the French feel.

Inside the large flap pocket under the tricolor tape is a card case-sized pocket to store small items without sinking. In addition, the orange zipper pocket inside is not only playful, but also practical as it is highly visible and easy to put in and take out, and is packed with attention to detail.

The main body is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is lightweight and durable, and is an excellent material that repels some rain, so it has a leather-like and luxurious feel, but you can also use it on rainy days. It's an item. In addition to CASTELBAJAC's items introduced this time, we also have bags with a wide range of designs, from pop and colorful items that will cheer you up to simple items that are easy to use, so be sure to check them out!