“KENDO” The strength of Made in Japan where you can feel the traditional culture of Japan [PORTER CLASSIC]

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
「KENDO」日本の伝統文化を感じられる、Made in Japanの力強さ[PORTER CLASSIC]

Kendo wear series representing PORTER CLASSIC, its name is "KENDO"

KENDO is the finest material that Japan is proud of, using the highest quality spin gold cotton and indigo dyeing from the threads, making it a superb cotton material whose texture and feel will increase the more you use it. Rucksacks are particularly popular among KENDO's bags. The easy-to-use and familiar design uses plenty of KENDO materials, and you can feel the traditional Japanese culture in fashion, giving it the strength of Made in Japan.

A rucksack that gets more flavorful and aging the more you use it.

A rucksack made of the finest cotton material that has an increasing texture and feel. The image of Kendo wear makes you think that it is heavy, but it is actually lighter than it looks, and you can feel the attention to detail throughout, making it not only fashionable but also highly functional. One of the attractions is that you can feel the aging of the bag as you use it for many years, and enjoy the process of becoming your own bag.

porterclassic ポータークラシック