4 Recommended Genuine Leather Brief Bags with Attractive Details and Techniques

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Introducing 4 simple, neat, and elegant briefbags

This briefs bag has an elegant shape when viewed from any angle, front or side, and makes the entire bag look three-dimensional. Introducing 4 briefcases that have a simple and neat look, but with attention to detail and technique.

GANZO's high quality and pride in Made in Japan

Our briefbags are made by craftsmen who know everything about Japanese culture and techniques, without making any compromises, from material selection to tanning, leather cutting, sanding, sewing, and polishing. We use cowhide calf leather from a tanner that has been used for over 100 years. In addition to its simple, rounded design, it also has excellent specs, such as snap buttons on both sides of the zipper that allow you to adjust the gusset width. The words "made in Japan" are clearly engraved along with the GANZO brand logo, giving you a sense of the great pride they take in the products they produce.

Brief bag with impressive beautiful curves typical of PELLE MORBIDA

Pelle Morbida is known for its beautiful design and functionality. This line is inspired by the captain, the person in charge of a ship, and proposes functional and easy-to-use items for businessmen sailing the world's oceans. Above all, brief bags are a must-have item for any successful businessman. This 2-room brief bag with beautiful curved lines is a 2-way type with a clean and beautiful silhouette and excellent functionality. It has an easy-to-use structure that is sure to be useful in daily business situations.

High-quality leather with TOFF&LOADSTONE shrink-like embossing

Based on the concept that ``a single metal fitting can change a bag, and a single bag can change its dignity,'' we have created a timeless design based on the elegance that resides in high-quality materials, tailoring, and appearance. TOFF&LOADSTONE is proposed not as a bag = a tool to store things, but as a "part of fashion". This briefs bag has a minimalist look from the Shrink Emboss series, which is made of high-quality leather with a shrink-like embossing. High-quality materials are used not only for the leather, but also for the metal parts and zippers, giving it an elegant appearance.

LANVIN COLLECTION's elegant glossy leather business bag


Founded in 889 by Jeanne Lanvin, Lanvin is France's oldest couture house. The mode, which develops with a precise balance, continues to evolve and is loved by people all over the world. “LANVIN COLLECTION (Lanvin Collection) is the second line of the collection, which has a total collection that fits every occasion for every creative person. A4 size leather business bag from LANVIN COLLECTION with an attractive elegant luster. The material is elegant water-grained embossed cowhide leather, giving it a beautiful finish. This bag allows you to carry around with peace of mind while keeping things organized, including a 13-inch PC storage and pockets for small items.

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