No worries even on rainy days! 4 recommended waterproof/water-repellent business bags

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

Introducing waterproof and water-repellent bags recommended for business situations.

A business bag for carrying around important documents and computers. Have you ever had your luggage get wet due to rain while commuting or going outside? It would be a problem if the documents were all messed up when you arrived at the customer's office. Therefore, this time we will introduce a business bag with water repellent function. If your bag is made of rain-resistant material, you can carry it with confidence.

Adopts environmentally friendly recycled nylon made by CORDURA, durable, lightweight, and water resistant [BLACK EMBER]

The main body, which uses a module system, is also one of the brand's characteristics, and can be customized to suit the user's needs. BLACK EMBER's 3WAY business bag is equipped with a function that allows you to expand the main body capacity. The body uses CORDURA ECONylon, a 100% recycled nylon manufactured by Cordura. This fabric is manufactured by collecting and recycling manufacturing waste from factories, reducing the environmental impact on air and water quality. On the other hand, as before, it is a highly functional material that not only has the strength and durability that Cordura brand materials are proud of, but also has excellent water repellency and lightness.

Made of extremely durable material that is resistant to water and has a water-repellent finish with carbonate polyurethane coating [Aer]

Aer's backpack has a minimal and stylish design with a beautiful rounded shape and a mix of black materials. As the name "Day Pack" suggests, it is an item that can be used for a wide range of purposes, both for work and daily life, as it has plenty of storage space for your PC and A4 documents, as well as pockets that can be divided into smaller items. The front part is made of 840 denier nylon with a carbonate polyurethane coating to make it water repellent, giving it a glossy look. The sides are made of 1680 denier Cordura ballistic nylon, which is water repellent, abrasion resistant, and strong. This is an item where you can enjoy the different textures of the materials even though the body is only black.

Made of 1680 denier Cordura® ballistic nylon [Manhattan Portage BLACK LABEL]

We continue to pursue functionality that combines full specs and design, as well as diversity created by imagining various scenes. Manhattan Portage BLACK LABEL's roll top backpack allows you to smoothly take in and out large items. The body is made of INVISTA's 1680-denier Cordura® ballistic nylon, which is highly durable and lightweight. It is a material trusted by the militaries of many countries around the world. Another key design feature is the strong and flexible seatbelt strap made from woven polyester fibers on the handle and the top and bottom of the body.

Light, durable, and waterproof ripstop nylon for peace of mind even on rainy days [CIE]

This CIE backpack is perfect for daily use such as commuting to work or school from the GRID series, which combines a ripstop nylon body with nylon tape. The body is made of 100 denier ripstop nylon fabric woven with 6 nylon strong thread. It has excellent abrasion strength, tensile strength, and tear strength. In addition, the surface of the main body fabric is treated with Teflon®, and the back side is treated with PVC in the same color as the outer material, making it highly waterproof and water repellent. The nylon tape uses a densely woven type with distinctive ridges.

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