Perfect for going out! 3 recommended compact shoulder bags to carry when traveling and sightseeing

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

A slim shoulder bag made of thin and light ripstop nylon.

BRIEFING was developed as a luggage label with outstanding functionality and beauty in pursuit of true "militarism" that complies with mil-spec standards. We understand the essence of the strong parts and top-of-the-line technology that America seriously produces, and pursue how to install them in town use models and what kind of styling they will give. The brand is also known for its design work, which has been reconstructed with the minimum necessary functions. This is a larger size sacoche made from thin and lightweight ripstop nylon from the MODULE WARE series, which has space to store various items necessary for business and travel.

A compact shoulder bag with a two-layer structure that boasts more storage capacity than it looks.

Manhattan Portage is a brand founded in New York in 1983. Black Label was developed as a bag that can be used in more formal occasions by making full use of the universal design, high quality materials, and advanced technology that inherits the spirit of the messenger bag, which can be said to be the backbone of the bag. It is a bag that is adapted to urban style, and we continue to pursue functionality that combines full specs and design, as well as versatility that can be created by imagining various scenes. The sturdy rectangle shoulder bag is compact but has a two-layer structure with high storage capacity.

A compact shoulder bag with a beautiful matte texture.

CIE is a bag brand named after the initials of cause in effect. We pursue the process that led to the results of our products, consider the "causes," and update our products every day with an inquisitive spirit that leads to new "results." Based on this repetitive equation, we propose "new values" to various people's lifestyles with the keyword "REAL GOODS". This shoulder bag from the VARIOUS series is made of three types of highly waterproof materials, including polyester fabric with an attractive matte texture, and is sized to fit an iPad.

BRIEFING CIE Manhattan Portage BLACK LABEL ショルダーバッグ シー ブリーフィング マンハッタンポーテージブラックレーベル 旅行 観光