[PELLE MORBIDA] TORATO bespoke tote bag with attention to detail and playfulness

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
こだわりと遊び心をこめた、[PELLE MORBIDA]TORATO別注トートバッグ

[PELLE MORBIDA] TORATO custom made tote bag with limited quantity.

Tote bags are useful in a variety of situations, including business, dates, and even travel. This time, TORATO custom-ordered a tote bag from Pelle Morbida, which comes in two colors: white and dark brown. It's a vertical tote bag that's almost square, and it can hold a lot of stuff, but it also looks smart. Whether you hold it in your hand or wear it on your shoulder, it's not too big or small, just the right size.

Feel the depth and bitterness of espresso coffee [dark brown]

The dark brown color is designed to be a business bag for working people who are not satisfied with the usual black, navy, or brown. Although it is the same brown, I requested a deep dark brown leather, similar to bitter black coffee. In addition, the stitching is made of unbleached thread, aiming for a casual and stylish look.

[White] has become an indispensable color for fashion style.

White leather bags are actually difficult to handle and easily get dirty in factories and stores, so they are not often made. I dared to try this rare white color. The actual product is not pure white, but a warm white, so it is easy to match with casual clothes and can be a fashion accent. When our staff went to customers with this white bag, three people asked us in one week where they had purchased it. There is no doubt that it will attract attention.

PELLE MORBIDA ダークブラウン トートバッグ ペッレモルビダ ホワイト 別注 縦型