4 selections of higher-grade leather tote bags that will add elegance to your outfits

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO

A leather tote bag that adds elegance to a wide range of outfits.

The tote bag has a simple design, with attention to detail such as the texture of the leather, the accent clasp, and the beautiful stitch work. Introducing 4 elegant tote bags that can be used both on and off.

[TOFF&LOADSTONE] M size tote bag from the ever-popular standard series

Based on the concept that ``a single metal fitting can change a bag, and a single bag can change its dignity,'' TOFF style basics include high-quality materials, tailoring, and elegance in appearance, and we have created designs that have been passed down through time. TOFF&LOADSTONE proposes bags as a part of "fashion". Despite its voluminous appearance, it is lightweight, and the handle is long enough to be worn over the shoulder even with a winter coat.This M size is from the ever-popular standard series.

[ETiAM] A tote bag with a luxurious atmosphere that can be used for daily use and travel.

ETiAM, a bag brand from Tokyo that was born in 2020, combines the sensibilities of designers and the handiwork of craftsmen, and offers a diverse lineup of high-quality materials. The streamlined three-dimensional design creates a sophisticated silhouette that accentuates the style of the person carrying it. We offer new and attractive items that combine fundamental universality and fashionable originality, transcending even the times and trends. The tote bag has a refreshing and luxe atmosphere with a combination of canvas fabric and leather, and is large enough to fit a 15-inch PC or B4 size.

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[GANZO] Lightweight horizontal big tote made from a single piece of leather

``The more time passes and the more you use it, the more it ages with the personality of the person who owns it, and eventually becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.We believe that such leather products are worthy of the name ``the best in the world.'' "GANZO" has a brand concept. This tote bag is the fourth product in the popular Saket series. Made from a single piece of domestically tanned horsehide, this luxurious material is characterized by its ruggedness, purity, and lightness. This is a tote bag packed with attention to detail that will become more flavorful the more you use it.

[PELLE MORBIDA] An elegant business tote that incorporates waves into the design.

The trapezoidal tote bag has an original wavy pattern embossed on it, giving it a mature impression, and has a neat appearance that is perfect for business use. Recommended for people who think a brief bag is too bulky, but want to match it with a suit or jacket and pants style. The flap pockets are drawn with elegant wave-like lines to match the embossed leather. It looks like one pocket, but has a mini pocket built into it, making it very functional.

ETiAM GANZO PELLE MORBIDA TOFF&LOADSTONE エティアム ガンゾ トフアンドロードストーン トートバッグ ペッレモルビダ 牛革