Pelle Morvida Interview with Yoshimasa Hoshiba Part.III

By 【正規販売店】バッグ通販TORATO
ペッレ モルビダ 干場義雅氏インタビュー Part.III

Interview with Yoshimasa Hoshiba. This is the final episode, Part.III.

Encounter with “boat travel”

While I was expanding my activities in this way, I came across ``ship travel.'' A woman I know, Kumiko Hoki, is currently doing a radio show with me. Mr. Yasuki works as a cruise concierge and has lived in Los Angeles, USA for 30 years. Mr. Yasuki said to me, ``Mr. Hoshiba, if you like luxury fashion and mature things that much, you should definitely go on a boat trip!'' If that's what I was talking about, I decided to go there, and since I still had time at the time, I went around the Italian peninsula for 10 days.

From Narita Airport I went to Venice, and from there I went all the way south to the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. I went to Croatia, then to Greece, then back to Sicily, then Naples, Rome, and finally Monte Carlo. When I go on a cruise, I see a lot of adult couples. Plus, there's a casino, a jacuzzi, and a pool. It even carries you to the next place while you sleep. The delicious food is also free. It was really good.

I thought, ``Ship travel is so amazing,'' and I decided that I should definitely share this world with others, so I created two magazines called ``Sette mari.'' When I was doing that, I was asked, ``Hoshiba-san, would you like to do a radio show about cruises?'' and I started a radio show called ``SEIKO ASTRON presents World Cruise.'' It's already been 5 years. After that, I was asked, ``Would you like to appear on TV?'' and I ended up appearing on a TV program that introduced the kind of wardrobe you would take on a cruise. This is how I was able to output the things I was influenced by on my voyage.


In addition to ``Sette mari,'' which was featured in the interview, she has also published several books of her own, and is disseminating her own views on fashion.

- Pelle: Is Morbida also from that area?

It was just a coincidence, but I happened to run into a classmate of mine who worked at Ueni Trading*5 on the subway. When I told him that I was doing a lot of work independently, he said, ``My company is trying to start its own brand, and I'm looking for someone who can make it, but I think I've seen a lot of dry places, so I don't think there's anything I can do. ?” I was asked. So, I went to the company once and said, ``I wish I had a bag that I could take on a cruise, but there aren't many brands that match the fashion that I like.It's simple, high quality, and at a reasonable price.'' When we were talking about ``things,'' we decided that it sounded great and decided to give it a try. About 6 years ago now.

*5 A company that imports and wholesales various brands such as fashion goods and accessories, and plans, manufactures, and sells original brands such as Pelle Morbida.

However, it took about a year to actually develop Pelle Morbida. It could be the name, the logo, or the base line material of the bag. There's also the matter of factory selection. Making men's bags was Ueni Boeki's first attempt, so it took a full year to develop it.


Pelle Morvida logo. The white ship is the antithesis of the “black ship.” The company is particular about being a ``Japanese brand.''

We want to deliver quality materials and products that can be used for a long time to many people.

-I see. You mentioned the keyword "reasonable price" earlier, but is this a point that Pelle Morbida is also very conscious of?

Since I've been doing this kind of work, I've bought a lot of different clothes and bags, but in the world of fashion, trends change frequently. However, I was wondering if that was really a good thing for consumers. For example, if you buy a certain bag and the trend changes, the same bag comes out in a different color or design. Will consumers buy it? In that case, it would be better to use really good materials, be simple, and be able to use it for a long time. And I had a desire to deliver it to as many people as possible. So, we decided to create a brand that could offer these things at a reasonable price, and that's how this project for Pelle Morbida began.

That's why Pelle Morbida doesn't make bags that are too expensive. Considering the materials, stitching, and the fact that it's made in Japan, we may not be making much profit (lol).However, we still want to deliver quality products to consumers. Of course, we incorporate some trends from season to season, but we don't change things that much. We place great importance on the fact that our products are made from good materials and can be used for a long time.


Pelle Morbida values ​​simplicity and long-term use.

―A big underlying idea is “fashion that looks good on a cruise.”

That's the "high-quality lifestyle" part. I also place great importance on whether or not it suits my favorite fashion style. The style I like is really simple fashion. For example, a light blue shirt and gray pants. Or a white polo shirt, navy pants, and a light blue jacket. The basic of basics. I don't have a particularly trendy style, I'd say it's really normal, and the colors are neutral: navy, gray, brown, black, white, and light blue. There are also jeans. The reason I use neutral colors is because I can mix and match them. Being able to mix and match them means that they can be used for a long time.

-It feels like the opposite of flashy fashion.

When it comes to fashion, when people see the balance of my whole body, I'm happy when people say, ``Hoshiba-san, you look cool.'' But I don't like it when people say, "That white shirt looks cool." That means the shirt is cool. That's why I keep my fashion neutral so that the eye is always focused on what's inside. I also want people who wear Pelle Morvida bags to say, ``It's lovely.'' You could say it “fits in” with nature.

“Elegante” is the highest compliment for Italians.

- Mr. Hoshiba's fashion sense and the concept of Pelle Morbida are very connected.

There is a word that Italians often say, ``elegante.'' It's a superlative compliment of "cool." When you unravel the word "elegante", it leads to the word "naturale". It's natural in English. So what does "natural" mean? It means "natural". Natural style means ``blending into the natural landscape.'' In other words, if you take a closer look at Elegante, it will blend into the natural landscape.

-thank you. TORATO also produced a custom-made tote bag for Pelle Morbida.

It's this white bag. This can be used not only by men, but also by women. In fact, Pelle Morbida bags are also used by many women. It's kind of unisex. The word "Morvida" also means "soft". "Pelle" means leather or skin. This bag is also a little soft to the touch, and the interior is also soft. The lining inside is made of artificial suede, so it's soft. I think you'll understand once you put your hands on it. I pay particular attention to even the invisible parts and stitches, and make them with great care.


This bag has noticeable stitching, so it looks a little casual. Nowadays, the trend is towards a slightly more casual style, so I feel like I can easily fit into that style and have a wide range of styles. I think a lot of people can have it. I would like you to try out fashion that matches this bag, or as I said earlier, fashion that "fits in".