Detail Apple Object GOODS oters Marble Apple(Small) DETAIL 3348RDS

¥1,980 (税込)
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Marble-patterned apple object as an interior accent (Small)

Introducing miscellaneous goods items developed by DETAIL INC., which handles imported miscellaneous goods and interior goods. An apple object with a height of about 7cm. Because it is carved out of marble stone, you can see the marble pattern on the surface, giving it a deep, deep color. Apples are not only a familiar fruit with excellent nutritional value, but they have also appeared in the Bible and mythology in Europe since ancient times, and have been used as motifs in art. When Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation, it is well known that he got the idea from watching an apple fall from a tree. An object with an intellectual atmosphere can be placed on a small shelf, displayed with books, or used as an interior accent to subtly brighten up a room. There are two sizes, small and large, and this is the small size.




Size information: Body: H7cm diameter cm


約Weight: approx. 160gg


Marble stone


Made in China.


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