Detail Pouch GOODS OUTDOOR oters Neoprene Utility Pouch DETAIL 3499

¥1,100 (税込)
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Neoprene utility pouch convenient for organizing and storing small items.

Introducing stationery items developed by DETAIL INC., which handles imported miscellaneous goods and interior goods. The pouch is compact enough to be easily held in one hand, and has a zipper that opens flat 180 degrees. It is useful for organizing small items around you, such as storing cards that you don't use regularly, earphones, care goods, and as a seal case. A D ring is installed on one side of the contents, so it can also be used as a key case. If you arrange it with a ring and cord, you can also carry it around your neck. It can be used in a variety of situations, from storage at home to when you go out. The material is neoprene material. This material is mainly used for wetsuits and tires, but in recent years demand for it as a fashion item has also increased. It's lightweight, durable, and easy to handle, making it ideal for rough outings.




Size information: Body: H8 x W12 x D3cm


約Weight: approx. 38gg




Made in Taiwan.


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