Sea duck canvas tote M shoulder 2WAY DUCK CANVAS TOTE M SIZE CIE 041801

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2WAY canvas tote with excellent waterproofness

CIE is a bag brand named after the initials of "cause in effect". We pursue the process that led to the results of our products, consider the "causes," and update our products every day with an inquisitive spirit that leads to new "results." Based on this repetitive equation, we propose "new values" to various people's lifestyles with the keyword "REAL GOODS". This 2-way canvas tote bag comes with a handle and a shoulder strap, and has a tarpaulin lining to withstand water. Available in unisex.




Body: H25 x W36 x D12cm Handle (height): 9cm


Approximately 458g




Made in Japan.





Care instructions: Regarding the white color, due to the characteristics of the material, dot-like substances called NEP are mixed in. If this product rubs or gets wet, the color may fade and stain clothing, etc., or the bag itself may become uneven or stained. Also, if you store it in close contact with other materials, the color may transfer to the other materials. Please note that if you bring automatic ticket gates, commuter passes, bank cash cards, etc. close to bags that use magnetic clasps, they may become unusable. Storing it in hot and humid conditions may cause mold. After cleaning, wrap it in a breathable cloth and store it in a well-ventilated place.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Using cross tape makes a difference

Using cross tape makes a difference

A tote bag with a shoulder strap that stands out with the natural texture of cotton. The front is decorated with cross tape, adding a slight military taste. It doesn't fall into the natural atmosphere that is common with canvas bags, and its individuality shines through. Since it is made of sturdy and thick fabric, it has an attractive and luxurious finish. It's sized to fit an iPad, perfect for short outings.

You can enjoy original usage by attaching a pouch or scarf to the front loop.

You can enjoy original usage by attaching a pouch or scarf to the front loop.

The cross tape on the front is not completely sewn, but is partially looped. This loop can be used for practical purposes by hanging a pouch with a carabiner, or you can tie a scarf or bandana to it. This bag can be used throughout the year, so you can enjoy a seasonal look just by adding a scarf in a seasonal color.

Perfect size for a day off

Perfect size for a day off

Unusual for canvas totes, the top opens and closes with a zipper. There is no need to worry about the contents being seen, and security is also assured. It has a simple structure with a card-sized open pocket on the front and a Velcro pocket on the back that is large enough to fit an iPad. In addition to valuables, you can also store notebooks and paperback books in a 500ml plastic bottle, making it a convenient capacity.

Stands on its own with smooth and firm canvas fabric

Stands on its own with smooth and firm canvas fabric

We use materials from ALBERTON®, Japan's first authentic American duck fabric manufacturer. The 18-ounce canvas is densely woven using a special loom and is characterized by firmness and smoothness. It is an easy-to-use model that stands on its own. Tarpaulin is used for the lining, which prevents water from seeping in during use.


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