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A backpack with an elaborate design that uses three different materials

Master-piece, which started in 1994, offers made-in-Japan bags that combine utilitarian design and functionality at a high level. Using functional materials and original parts selected from Japan and abroad with a focus on strength, water repellency, and lightness, the product is characterized by its coloring, which is a combination of different materials. The more you use it, the more you will feel the attention to detail. This backpack from the planb series, which develops bags that can be used across generations and genders, allows you to enjoy a mix of different materials in similar colors.

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Body: H44 x W30 x D12.5cm


約Approximately 750gg


CORDURA(R)brand fabric Standard Polyester (Water repellent/stain resistant Teflon(R) treatment) 420d Nylon Ox (Water repellent/stain resistant Teflon(R) treatment)



The main body and attached fabric are treated to be water repellent, but the effectiveness will gradually fade over time and due to friction. Also, it is not completely waterproof, so please be careful when exposed to strong rain.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Different materials add interest to a one-tone bag

Different materials add interest to a one-tone bag

This is an elaborate backpack that combines three different materials in similar colors. Robust Cordura fabric is used for the widest part, brightly colored fabric with a glossy feel is used in some areas, and fabric with a natural texture and matte texture is used for accents. Each one has a different texture and slightly different color tones that accent the large backpack, creating a toned look. Can be used without Genteres.

Extensive external pocket

Extensive external pocket

It has a simple design on the outside, but the storage capacity of the outside pocket is outstanding. It has a snap button closure pocket and zipper pocket on the front, side pockets on the left and right sides, and an open pocket on the back. Furthermore, there are two open pockets inside the zipper pocket. Most of the small items you need fit into the outside pocket, so you can take them in and out without opening the main compartment.

Side zipper for easy access

Side zipper for easy access

The main storage also has excellent pockets. In addition to a cushioned pocket on the back side that can hold a PC up to 13 inches, and a zipper pocket on the front side, there are also bottle holders on the left and right sides. This prevents things like plastic bottles from moving or becoming uneven inside the backpack. It also has a side zipper, so you can put things in and take them out without opening the top.

It is resistant to water and dirt, so you can use it every day without hesitation.

It is resistant to water and dirt, so you can use it every day without hesitation.

The main material is Cordura fabric, which boasts high strength, and the front pockets and side pockets are made of 420 denier nylon oxford, and the accents are made of polyester fabric with a matte texture. Both materials are treated with Teflon, making them highly water- and dirt-repellent.


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