Slow shoulder bag Tochigi leather fino shoulder bag SLOW 49S165H

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A simple sacoche made from carefully selected domestic cowhide with an attractive natural texture.

SLOW is based on the spirit of ``creating things that we want to own,'' and uses Japanese craftsmen's proud techniques to create items that become more flavorful the more you use them, and items that can be used for a long time. With a manufacturing stance of slowly pursuing creativity without being swayed by the rapidly changing times, we are developing American casual and traditional style items that are loved throughout the ages. This sacoche is simpler than the fino series, which uses carefully selected domestic cowhide among the full vegetable tanned leather produced by Tochigi Leather, which boasts the highest technology in Japan and is a purveyor of SLOW.

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Body: H38 x W40 x D15cm Handle: 5cm, Shoulder belt (adjustable): Length ~ 105cm


約Approximately 380gg


Cowhide (full vegetable tanned leather made by Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd.)


Made in Japan.


storage bag



In some cases, the color may fade. (Please be especially careful about sweat and rain) Raindrops and water droplets may cause swelling and stains on the leather surface. If left in a place exposed to direct sunlight or light such as an electric light for a long period of time, the color will fade. Leaving or storing it in a high temperature place will cause the leather to harden, deform, or otherwise deteriorate. Since leather breathes, we recommend storing it in an unsealed condition as much as possible, or periodically drying it in a well-ventilated place in the shade. We recommend using a cream specifically designed for natural leather to maintain its texture. We sincerely hope that you can enjoy the taste of authentic natural leather for a long time.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Sacoche with a simple design that can also be used as a shoulder bag

Sacoche with a simple design that can also be used as a shoulder bag

A simple sacoche with a supple and natural leather texture that can also be used as a shoulder bag. The shoulder straps can be shortened to fit your body for a mature look. The interior pocket has a WALDES zipper with a unique crunchy texture that is often seen on vintage items, and the lining is a different color for each leather color.

Gather the excess leather from the shoulder straps for a neat look

Gather the excess leather from the shoulder straps for a neat look

Although it has a simple look, it has a design with attention to detail. The excess leather that extends from the shoulder strap adjuster is tied up with a loop to create a clean look. Also, by doing so, the buckle does not move higher on your shoulder, making it more comfortable to use. The metal parts have a matte silver color that goes well with leather.

Sized to fit an iPad and a 500ml plastic bottle.

Sized to fit an iPad and a 500ml plastic bottle.

A simple one-room design with only the main compartment. As a sacoche, it's the perfect size to fit a large iPad. A 500ml plastic bottle can also fit vertically. Two open pockets on the front and a zipper pocket on the back. The edges of the open pockets are trimmed with leather, giving a sense of quality construction.

The texture and taste of natural leather

The texture and taste of natural leather

We use leather from Tochigi Leather Co., Ltd., a company known worldwide as a full-vegetable tanner that boasts the best technology in Japan. Made from carefully selected domestic cowhide leather, it is characterized by its flexibility and lightness as it is not finished with oil. It is a proof and symbol of natural leather that there are scratches, blood lines and veins on the surface, uneven coloring and wrinkles, but this increases the original texture of the leather and makes it more flavorful, giving it a more SLOW-like natural feel. It is fully drawn out.


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