Air Travel Day Sling Max Body Bag TRAVEL COLLECTION DAY SLING 3 MAX Aer AER-21038

¥18,700 (税込)
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A large body bag for people who want to carry their tablet around.

Aer is a bag brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Designed for professionals, athletes, and travelers who move between ever-changing cities, we aim to create durable, high-quality bags and accessories that meet urban needs. ``TRAVEL COLLECTION'' body bags are designed to help you travel comfortably and smartly, and are items designed with convenience in mind when traveling. Recommended for people who want to carry around valuables such as digital cameras and tablets.




Body: H30.5 x W22.5 x D9cm Shoulder ~ 136cm


約Approximately 450gg


cordura ballistic nylon


Made in China.


Although this product has been carefully dyed, please note that due to the nature of dyeing, bleaching and color migration due to water, sweat, friction, etc. is unavoidable. Also, avoid wearing light colored clothing as the color may stain. Usually, use a soft brush to remove dust. For slight stains, please use an eraser, etc., being careful not to fade the color. For oil-based stains such as hand stains, wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent diluted with water. Please be especially careful when using natural materials as there is a risk of color fading. The use of volatile solvents such as benzine and thinner is strictly prohibited. Washing or dry cleaning is also strictly prohibited.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

You can change the way you hold it depending on the scene.

You can change the way you hold it depending on the scene.

You can carry it in a variety of ways, such as slinging it over your shoulder as a shoulder bag, slinging it diagonally across your back or chest, or holding it in your hand by the top handle. You can use it depending on the situation, such as hanging it cross-body when you are shopping and have more luggage, or carrying it by hand so you can quickly take out what you need during the airport boarding process. The length-adjustable shoulder strap is equipped with a magnetic buckle, making it easy to carry and take off the bag.




Keep valuables in hidden pockets

Keep valuables in hidden pockets

The zipper pocket on the back is perfect for storing valuables such as passports and wallets. Once you carry the bag on your back, you won't be able to see it, and the zipper itself is designed to be difficult to see, making it truly a hidden pocket. This is a safe storage space for people who are worried about putting valuables in a body bag that they carry on their back while overseas.

With pocket for tablet

With pocket for tablet

The zipper that opens the main storage compartment is long enough to almost reach the bottom, and opens wide for easy access. There is a tablet pocket on the back side that can store up to 11 inches. It also has a zipper pocket and 4 open pockets, so you can organize and store travel essentials such as a compact digital camera and mobile battery.


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