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2way shoulder pouch bag with a sporty look

cote&ciel proposes a new concept that mixes design and functionality for lifestyle and travel goods. Created in Paris, France, there are products such as the Laptop Sleep that was created through research into ergonomics and fits seamlessly around the body, items made from a single piece of fabric, and bags that go through a process similar to folding origami. , elegant and innovative items are available. A stylish shoulder pouch bag with a clear ripstop nylon body decorated with fluorescent colors. It has a 2-way design that can be used either vertically or horizontally.




Body: H11 x W28 x D11cm


約Approximately 230gg


Middle Side A: 100% Nylon Middle Side B: 74% Polyester, 26% Nylon Lining: 100% Polyester


Made in China.



Although this product has been carefully dyed, please note that due to the nature of dyeing, bleaching and color migration due to water, sweat, friction, etc. is unavoidable. Also, avoid wearing light colored clothing as the color may stain.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Shoulder pouch bag that can be used vertically or horizontally

Shoulder pouch bag that can be used vertically or horizontally

This shoulder pouch bag was created with the theme of "wearing it". By changing the position of the strap, it has a 2-way design that allows you to wear it diagonally either vertically or horizontally. Taking full advantage of the properties of nylon fabric, which allows it to be shaped freely, it also features a unique design with a tightly twisted cylindrical end. It is useful in a variety of situations, from everyday outings to travel, festivals, and outdoor activities.




A storage room that perfectly fits everyday items

A storage room that perfectly fits everyday items

One of the two storage compartments has a zippered pocket that runs across the side, perfect for storing frequently used everyday items such as smartphones and card cases. The size of a paperback book is perfect, so it is recommended for storing slightly smaller items. A waterproof zipper is installed at the entrance to prevent moisture from entering.

500ml drink bottle is perfect

500ml drink bottle is perfect

The pocket with the cylindrical end as the entrance fits a 500ml drink bottle perfectly. Since it has the same shape as a bottle, it can be stored stably like a bottle case. The unique entrance and internal structure are interesting designs that take advantage of the material's tight twisting, softness, and shaping possibilities.


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