Cote&Ciel Rucksack Cote&Ciel ISAR M Komatsu Onibegie Nylon 23Ss CC-29010

¥90,750 (税込)
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Introducing new materials for our representative model, Isar! Even more beautiful and functional!

Cote&Ciel proposes a new concept that mixes design and functionality for lifestyle and travel goods. It is characterized by functionality such as a laptop sleep function that was created using ergonomic research to fit the body without any gaps. Furthermore, we have a wide selection of innovative items with elegant designs created in Paris, France. New materials have been introduced to the brand's iconic model, Isar. Made of Komatsu Oni ​​Vegetable Nylon, which looks like sandstone and feels like high-quality paper, it further enhances Isar's beautiful architectural look. It also has an attractive storage function that is great for workers, as it allows you to carry a PC up to 15 inches.




Body: H60 x W28.5 x D6.5~24cm




約Approximately 1380gg


Front: Recycled nylon 100% Back: 100% Polyester Lining: 100% Nylon


Made in China.



Although this product has been carefully dyed, please note that due to the nature of dyeing, bleaching and color migration due to water, sweat, friction, etc. is unavoidable. Also, avoid wearing light colored clothing as the color may stain.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Beautiful and functional bag pack

Beautiful and functional bag pack

Cote Ethiel is known for its innovative and beautiful bag collection, and the most representative model among them is the Isar. This one uses a new material called Komatsu Oni ​​Vegetable Nylon, which has a look that you can't help but see on the street. The unique crisp texture and luxurious appearance further enhance the architectural and asymmetrical design. There is also a dedicated storage space for your PC, making it ideal as a business bag.




A dedicated space for work tools, perfect for nomad workers

A dedicated space for work tools, perfect for nomad workers

On the back side of the main unit, there is a luggage compartment with a PC compartment and mesh pockets. The PC room with plenty of cushioning can fit up to a 15-inch PC, and related goods can also be stored around it, so it functions as a dedicated room for work tools. Another point is that it is separate from the main compartment. It can be carried separately from other items such as clothing and miscellaneous goods, and functions as a dedicated room for work tools.

Bag-shaped main compartment that expands depending on the amount of luggage

Bag-shaped main compartment that expands depending on the amount of luggage

The main compartment is easily accessible by simply opening the zipper, and features a wide opening. You can easily store bulky clothing and large documents. Another point is that by adjusting the length of the buckle part, you can expand the space depending on the amount of luggage you have that day. When you stretch the fabric, it expands to the size of a tote bag, which is surprising. Suitable for a variety of situations, from everyday use to overnight stays.


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