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[SALE!!] Manhattan Portage Black Label Shoulder Bag STAR SHOULDER BAG MP1493TWLBL NV1

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A twill shoulder bag that elegantly carries the bare essentials.

Manhattan Portage is a brand founded in New York in 1983. Black Label was developed as a bag that can be used in more formal occasions by making full use of the universal design, high quality materials, and advanced technology that inherits the spirit of the messenger bag, which can be said to be the backbone of the bag. It is a bag that is adapted to urban style, and we continue to pursue functionality that combines full specs and design, as well as versatility that can be created by imagining various scenes. A shoulder bag made of twill material with a beautiful luster and luster. This is a small and elegant bag that can be used for any purpose.

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Body: H21 x W13 x D4cm Shoulder belt (adjustable): Length 72-137.5cm


約Approximately 150gg


cordura twill nylon


Made in Taiwan.


Attention card (certificate) carabiner



For items that are not coated, use a waterproof spray to prevent stains. If it gets dirty, lightly rub it with an eraser-type cleaner or dab it with a cloth dampened with lukewarm water to avoid ring stains.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Compact and elegant shoulder bag

Compact and elegant shoulder bag

A shoulder bag that leaves both hands free and allows for smart carrying. Although it is small, it is made of twill material with a beautiful luster and luster, so it gives off a mature look without looking childish. The sophisticated look without excessive decoration matches well with neat coordination. The minimal design allows for the minimum amount of luggage to be stored in a compact size, making it perfect for everyday casual outings.

Shoulder strap with adjustable length

Shoulder strap with adjustable length

Comes with a seat belt type shoulder strap. The length can be changed freely, so it can be held in a variety of ways, such as being worn around the neck like a sacoche, worn across the body, or worn over the shoulder. Furthermore, it has a suitable width and is strong enough to make it comfortable to carry. Like the material of the main body, it has a luster and luster, giving it a sense of unity and elegance.

Main compartment fits just the bare essentials

Main compartment fits just the bare essentials

The main compartment has a minimal design that can accommodate the luggage you need for a quick outing. Since the space is vertically long, a long wallet can fit neatly into it. The use of fabric that has just the right amount of firmness and thickness makes it difficult to lose its shape inside the room, making it easy to store. In addition to the main compartment, there are open pockets on the front and back of the main body.

Elegant and durable twill material

Elegant and durable twill material

The warp thread is 100 denier and the weft thread is 420 denier CORDURA? TWILL NYLON thread, making it a densely woven twill material. Its smooth texture and beautiful luster give it an elegant look, and it is also highly functional. Although it is lightweight, it is resistant to tearing and abrasion, and is also water repellent and stain resistant, making it suitable for active situations. It is a material that perfectly combines aesthetic beauty and functionality.


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