Pelle Morbida Pouch GOLF PELLE MORBIDA PG012 22ss

¥20,900 (税込)
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Golf case and clutch from Morbida's golf series

Pelle Morbida has a reputation for its beautiful appearance and meticulous functionality that is backed by Japanese-made products. The line, named ``Mare'' which means ``sea'' in Italian, is a high-class collection that is more luxurious and delicately made. The luxurious beauty created by carefully selected materials and sophisticated design invites the owner to tell a rich story in their life. This is a golf series golf pouch and clutch multi-bag. In addition to being able to store small items needed for a round, this is an item for adults that can be used outside of golf.




Body: H13.5 x W23 x D10.5cm Handle: Height 7.5cm


約Weight: approx. 350gg


Body: Nylon, PVC Included: Cowhide


Made in Japan.


Accessories: Storage bag



If it gets dirty, wipe it with a dry soft cloth. Applying a waterproof spray beforehand will help prevent stains. Although it has been treated to be water repellent, the effect is not permanent. If it gets wet, do not leave it unattended; quickly remove the water with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Please note that if you expose it to high temperatures or use thinner or benzine, it may discolor or deform. If you store it in hot and humid conditions or if it is dirty, it may cause mold. When storing, please put it in a well-ventilated cloth bag and store it in a well-ventilated place. Leather is sensitive to heat and cannot be dyed at high temperatures like textiles, so there is a possibility of color fading due to friction, sweat, etc. As the handle is particularly prone to deterioration, we recommend periodic maintenance using a special cream or waterproof spray. In addition, there is a possibility that the color may transfer to clothing, so please be careful when wearing white or light clothing.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

A multi-bag that doubles as a golf case and clutch, with a mature feel.

A multi-bag that doubles as a golf case and clutch, with a mature feel.

Introducing a golf case and clutch bag from the popular Morbida Golf series. Convenient for storing small items needed for rounds such as balls, tees, markers, etc. An adult item that has an orthodox and simple appearance, but also has a dressy feel. It is easy to match with any coordination, so it is useful for everyday use.

Front pocket for organizing and storing tees and markers

Front pocket for organizing and storing tees and markers

The front side has a pocket design, and the interior has a rubber belt. Designed to help organize and store items, allowing you to insert each tee or marker one by one. You can quickly take it out during the round. In daily use, it can also be used as a storage place for smartphones and pens that are frequently taken out. Although the gusset is thin, the zipper opens wide, creating a pocket that is easy to see.

Spacious space for storing drinks and snacks

Spacious space for storing drinks and snacks

The storage compartment of the main body has a solid bottom gusset, allowing you to comfortably store the items you need during your round. It fits a 500ml plastic bottle just right, and is the perfect size to carry drinks and snacks in addition to small items. There are two pockets on both sides inside. One is an open type pocket, and the other is a zippered pocket, which can be used depending on the purpose. Also useful for storing valuables.

PVC leather perfect for sports scenes

PVC leather perfect for sports scenes

The material is PVC leather, which can be used in active situations. The material has a glossy, embossed leather look that is perfect for the atmosphere of the Morvida Golf series, which retains its elegance even in sports scenes. It is highly durable, water repellent, and stain resistant, making it easy to clean. The attached material used for the pull and logo part is water-repellent saffiano leather.


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