PELLE MORBIDA Thin Gusset Brief Bag (1-chamber type) Capitano PELLE MORBIDA PMO-CA010A

¥56,100 (税込)
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Attractive atmosphere like an imported bag

Pelle Morbida is known for its bags that are both beautiful and functional. Above all, brief bags are a must-have item for any successful businessman. This brief bag is rather small and is made of cowhide leather called Prism, which has a water grain pattern embossed on it so that scratches are less noticeable. It maintains the soft texture typical of Pelle Morbida, while remaining independent. Each convex part of the surface is colored by hand, called "Kabari", creating an expression that looks like two tones of similar colors, and the beautiful coloring that changes subtly depending on the light is a touch of sexiness for adults. It is a material that produces




Body: H27 x W35 x D6.5cm Handle (height): 12cm




約Weight: approx. 850gg




Made in Japan.


Accessories: Storage bag, whistle with ID card, name tag



Wipe off light stains with a soft, dry cloth. If it gets wet, quickly pat it dry with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Storing it in hot and humid conditions may cause mold. Wrap the product in breathable cloth, avoid contact with other products (especially synthetic leather, PVC materials, etc.), and store it in a well-ventilated place. Replenish your nutrition with a special cream on a regular basis. Adds texture to the surface, keeps it supple and prevents aging.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Matches not only suit style but also light styling such as jacket pants.

Matches not only suit style but also light styling such as jacket pants.

This small briefcase is made of embossed leather and has few transitions in its overall design, and the large and luxurious use of leather gives it a dressy look. It matches not only suit style, but also light styling such as jacket and pants. Pelle Morbida's bags are made in Japan, but the finished product has an attractive sex appeal and atmosphere that makes it look like an imported bag.




Details and techniques that make the whole bag look three-dimensional

Details and techniques that make the whole bag look three-dimensional

Part of the briefcase's face is the plump bulge at the base of the handle called the "meat pad." The rounded and soft form when viewed from any angle, front or side, has the effect of making the entire bag look three-dimensional, increasing its presence. This is a briefcase with a simple and handsome face, so it is the attention to detail and technique that makes it so appealing.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

The zipper has a U-shaped design that opens wide, making it easy to see what's inside and to take things in and out. There are also bellows-type gussets on both sides of the interior, so you don't have to worry about your luggage falling out when you open or close it. The material is microlight suede, an artificial suede with a soft texture. While maintaining the fine brushed surface of natural suede, it has an elegant and rich atmosphere, and is finished with attention to detail.

Smart behavior with well-thought storage functions

Smart behavior with well-thought storage functions

The interior has well-balanced compartments and pen holders for neat and smart storage. The urethane pocket on one side is just the right size to fit a tablet device (iPad). The computer fits in the main compartment, which is a nice feature for those who have both a computer and a tablet device. It has a wide opening and a large capacity, making it easy to put documents in and take them out, making it an extremely user-friendly design for busy businessmen. It also has studs on the bottom, so you can safely place it on the floor without any hesitation.


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