PELLE MORBIDA Tote Bag Vertical Tote Bag(height) Maiden Voyage PELLE MORBIDA PMO-MB046

¥59,400 (税込)
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Vertical design with exquisite balance when held

Pelle Morbida's tote bag, which has a reputation for its beautiful design and functionality, has a vertical design that is exquisitely balanced when held. 3-way design that allows you to carry it in your hand, carry it on your shoulder, or wear it diagonally with the included belt. The well-thought-out shape allows it to be carried over the shoulder, and the size is large enough to store documents and a PC, making it very useful in business situations. Furthermore, it is a size that is easy to use for dates and overnight trips. The brand's signature boat bottom line makes everyday life feel like a journey.




Body: H37.5 x W40 x D15cm Handle (height): 23.5cm


約Weight: approx. 1255gg




Made in Japan.


Accessories: Storage bag, whistle with ID card, name tag, shoulder strap (removable and adjustable): Length 80-120cm



Wipe off light stains with a soft, dry cloth. If it gets wet, quickly pat it dry with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Storing it in hot and humid conditions may cause mold. Wrap it in a breathable cloth, avoid letting it come in close contact with other products (especially synthetic leather, PVC materials, etc.), and store it in a well-ventilated place. Replenish your nutrition with a special cream on a regular basis. Adds texture to the surface, keeps it supple and prevents aging.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

Comes with a shoulder belt that allows you to move freely and smartly

Comes with a shoulder belt that allows you to move freely and smartly

Most Pelle Morbida bags come with a shoulder strap. This was created so that busy businessmen can act freely and smartly in any situation. If you use it on your shoulder, you can use it hands-free and expand your daily range of activities. While many of the included shoulder belts are relatively casual and simple, Pelle Morbida's has a high proportion of leather, giving it a very elegant look.

Smooth handle rise when worn over the shoulder

Smooth handle rise when worn over the shoulder

Tote bags have now become a new standard in the business scene. In addition to the hand-held style, the handle has been designed to be a little longer at 23.5cm to allow for smooth carrying over the shoulder, considering situations where you want to use it hands-free, such as when you have more luggage. Even if it is a slightly thick jacket style, it can be carried smoothly over the shoulder.

Nice pocket function in a simple design

Nice pocket function in a simple design

There is a snap button flap pocket on the front of the bag. Furthermore, there is a small open pocket on the inside of the pocket, which is very convenient for storing small items that are often taken out when traveling, such as a cell phone or card case. It has a simple design with a nice pocket function.

Enabling smart behavior with carefully thought out storage functions

Enabling smart behavior with carefully thought out storage functions

The interior has well-balanced compartments for pockets and pen holders, allowing for neat and smart storage. The pockets are filled with urethane and can safely store 11 inch computers, terminal tablets, etc. The main storage part has a good opening and plenty of capacity. The design makes it easy to take out documents and PCs, making it extremely convenient for busy businessmen. Comes with studs on the bottom so you can place it on the floor without hesitation.

The secret to lightweight bags: original parts with brand engravings
All of the metal fittings used in Pelle Morbida bags are original, made from molds and engraved with the brand. Although it maintains the same strength as metal, it uses a material that is 20 to 30% lighter, so there is less weight on the bag, and many users say that ``Pelle Morbida bags are not heavy.'' In addition, it is treated with a super white finish that does not change easily over time, so it will continue to shine beautifully.
Attachments that symbolize the brand: whistle and name tag
A whistle used by sailors to send signals when communicating with each other. Pelle Morbida's standard items come with a whistle along with a name tag as an item to create an elegant cruise ship journey. This whistle is great because you can actually blow it, and when you turn the bottom half and remove it, the ID card comes out from inside. It has become one of the subtle characteristics that makes you think of an elegant voyage.
Using leather developed with an original recipe
The material used is soft shrink leather developed in the Himeji Matsubara area, which is a leather producing region. The base is carefully tanned, and after drying, it is smoothed using a special machine to create an elegant and flavorful grain. Coloring is done using a technique that dyes each color from the base stage through the core (dying deep into the leather) to bring out the charm of each color to the fullest. After drying, lightly iron the surface to adjust its luster. It takes approximately 40 days to create each piece using the intuition and skills unique to Japanese leather craftsmen.


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