PELLE MORBIDA Boston Bag Tote Maiden Voyage Boston Bag PELLE MORBIDA PMO-MB055A

¥69,300 (税込)
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Tote bag for those who want to be elegant for both business and daily use

Pelle Morbida has a reputation for its beautiful appearance and meticulous functionality that is backed by Japanese-made products. Pelle Morbida's standard line "Maiden Voyage", named after the maiden voyage with the image of "a completed ship (bag) going out into the world", is made from soft shrink leather developed in the Himeji Matsubara area, a leather producing area. This is a simple and chic series with a body. The tote has an elegant impression with a large flap and a free-standing bottom design. It also has high functionality and can be used in a wide range of business and daily life.




Body: H31 x W41 x D13cm Handle (height): 18cm






約Weight: approx. 1150gg




Made in Japan.


Accessories: Storage bag, whistle with ID card, name tag



Wipe off light stains with a soft, dry cloth. If it gets wet, quickly pat it dry with a soft cloth and dry it in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Storing it in hot and humid conditions may cause mold. Wrap the product in breathable cloth, avoid contact with other products (especially synthetic leather, PVC materials, etc.), and store it in a well-ventilated place. Replenish your nutrition with a special cream on a regular basis. Adds texture to the surface, keeps it supple and prevents aging.

※天然の皮革を使用した製品には、天然素材ならではの風合いを生かすため、シワや傷、色ムラなどがある場合がございます。[ 詳しくはこちら ]

A unique tote bag with a large flap for business and daily use

A unique tote bag with a large flap for business and daily use

This tote bag features a large flap and is recommended for people who are tired of ordinary tote bags. The chevron-shaped flap and well-calculated length of the handle fit snugly under your armpit, making it useful for a wide range of occasions, from business to daily life. The bottom has the brand's signature boat line, so it's easy to stand on its own, which is a great feature. It also comes with studs on the bottom, so you can place it on the floor without hesitation.




Functional and beautiful, flap closure & brand icon

Functional and beautiful, flap closure & brand icon

The flap is fastened with metal fittings on the front and a belt. The belt is engraved with three lines of stitching, accented with shiny metal hardware treated with super white. Like other models, a name tag and whistle are included. You can actually blow it, and when you turn the bottom half and remove it, the ID card comes out from inside.

Ample main compartment for smart storage

Ample main compartment for smart storage

The main compartment has plenty of storage, including a zipper pocket, snap button pocket, open pocket, and pen holder. The snap-button pocket is filled with urethane and can fit a 13-inch PC or iPad. The main storage area is spacious and has a sturdy gusset, so even thick items can be stored neatly.


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